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Friday, June 24 2022 - 01:42
The XXVI Fair Play Menarini International Award opens with a press conference at CONI
ROME, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The opening whistle has blown for the XXVI Fair Play Menarini International 
Award. This morning, the Salone d'Onore at CONI (the Italian National Olympic 
Committee) in Rome hosted a press conference announcing the celebration 
dedicated to the values of sporting ethics. The Fair Play Menarini Foundation, 
which organises the prestigious recognition, revealed the winners and details 
of this year's programme.
The Award, which began in 1997, will see outstanding personalities — in terms 
of sporting achievements and capacity to act as ambassadors of the essential 
principles of "fair play" — gathering in Florence and Castiglion Fiorentino 
(Arezzo). With fifteen categories and sixteen winners, the XXVI Fair Play 
Menarini International Award brings together exceptional stars of water sports 
from around the globe, particularly swimming and diving from "la Divina", 
Federica Pellegrini, to Australian "race of the century" phenomenon Ian Thorpe 
and record champion Tania Cagnotto. There are also plenty of VIPs from the 
world of football, with renowned Argentinian coach Marcelo Bielsa and two 
heroes of the pitch, Massimo Ambrosini and Roberto Donadoni. Another legendary 
footballer this year  is Fabrizio Ravanelli, who will be receiving the Paolo 
Rossi Special Award in the Youth Role Model Category, a title bestowed on the 
award last year in memory of the 1982 World Cup champion who passed away in 
2020. The list of extraordinary talents involved in the upcoming edition also 
includes Australian motorcycle champion Casey Stoner, Alessandra Perilli, the 
target-shooting champ who brought home San Marino's first-ever Olympic medal, 
and former volleyball player and trainer Marco Bracci. Alongside them are 
taekwondo athlete Vito Dell'Aquila, winner of a gold medal at Tokyo 2020, and 
Stefania Constantini, who gave Italy its first-ever Olympic medal for curling 
with a gold in the mixed doubles. The duo of Giacomo Bertagnolli and Andrea 
Ravelli will also bring their impressive achievements in Paralympic Alpine 
skiing to the Fair Play Menarini International Awards. But it is not only 
professional athletes who will receive awards. The Franco Lauro Special Award 
Narrare le emozioni (Narrating Emotions) will go to journalist Giorgio Porra, 
while Beatrice Coradeschi is the promising young taekwondo athlete who has won 
the Fiamme Gialle Special Award Studio e Sport (Study and Sport).

"I can't believe that we've made it to the 26th Fair Play Menarini 
International Awards", remarked the President of the Italian National Olympic 
Committee, Giovanni Malagò. "I am proud of you all for what you do and the 
message you send, and I am impressed by your capacity to bring these sporting 
legends together to receive their awards. You are truly unique. Long live Fair 
Play, the Foundation, sport and Italy."

"With the Fair Play Menarini Award, we hope that the younger generations will 
draw inspiration and take an example from the fairness of the awarded 
champions. - say Lucia and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti, shareholders and members 
of the Menarini Board – We remember Marcelo Bielsa who called upon his players 
to let their opponents score, believing that fair play is more important than 
what might have been an unfair goal. That match ended in a tie, but Bielsa will 
always be remembered for that noble gesture which we are proud to celebrate 

"We are very excited about the list of winners in the first awards organised by 
us" announced Antonello Biscini, Valeria Speroni Cardi and Ennio Troiano, the 
Board members of the Fair Play Menarini Foundation. "The event's first 
quarter-century may be behind us, but our attention is focused on the future 
and how best to celebrate this and all subsequent editions, which will be 
packed with surprises and sporting greats. Menarini will continue to promote 
the values of Fair Play through the achievements of sport's top champions in 
the hope that these values will become an ever-greater part of society as a 

While remaining true to the traditions of its long history, the three days of 
the XXVI Fair Play Menarini International Award will take an ambitious new 
approach. One of the most important changes concerns the locations. Florence 
will be where these sports legends come together, in Palazzo Vecchio's Salone 
dei Cinquecento, for the talk show I campioni si raccontano (Champions Tell 
Their Stories), led by Ivan Zazzaroni and broadcast live on TV on the RTV38 
channel on the evening of Tuesday 5 July. Then, there will be that the 
traditional Menarini gala dinner will be held in Florence in Piazzale 
Michelangelo on Wednesday 6 July.

The award ceremony presentation has been entrusted to Lorenzo Dallari and 
Rachele Sangiuliano and will be held in Castiglion Fiorentino in the 
magnificent setting of Loggiato Vasariano in Piazza del Municipio on Thursday 7 
July, with a live TV broadcast on Sportitalia.

The categories and winners of the XXVI Fair Play Menarini International Award 
- Category: Carriera Fair Play (Career in Fair Play) — ROBERTO DONADONI
- Category: Fair Play — MASSIMO AMBROSINI
- Category: Lo sport oltre lo sport (Sport Beyond Sport) — GIACOMO BERTAGNOLLI 
and ANDREA RAVELLI (a single award with two plaques)
- Category: Il Gesto (The Gesture) — MARCELO BIELSA
- Category: Sport e vita (Sport and Life) — CASEY STONER
- Category: Una vita per lo sport (Lifetime Achievement in Sport) — MARCO BRACCI
- Category: Personaggio mito (Legendary Figures) — IAN THORPE
- Category: SUSTENIUM Energia e Cuore - Personaggio mito (Legendary Figures) — 
- Category: Paolo Rossi Special Award Modello per i giovani (Youth Role Model) 
- Category: I valori sociali dello sport (Social Values in Sport) — VITO 
- Category: Promozione dello sport (Promotion of Sport) — ALESSANDRA PERILLI
- Category: Un sorriso per la vita (A Smile for Life) — TANIA CAGNOTTO
- Category: I valori educativi dello sport (Educational Values in Sport) — 
- Category: Franco Lauro Special Award Narrare le emozioni (Narrating Emotions) 
- Category: Fiamme Gialle Special Award Studio e Sport (Study and Sport) — 




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