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Petal Search celebrates incredible growth on its 2nd Anniversary
SHENZHEN, China, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Providing users with an interactive and personalised search experience for the 
past 2 years

HUAWEI's Petal Search celebrates its 2nd year anniversary, looking back at how 
much the search engine has grown in the pursuit of the vision to be an 
All-In-One Search Engine.

Since Petal Search's inception back in May 2020, the search engine has grown 
from strength to strength. Even as Petal Search serves on a global level, it 
continues to provide personalised local search results to its users. Within the 
past two years, the search engine has improved tremendously in all regards. 
Petal Search now supports more than 70 languages in over 170 countries and 
regions and has become a popular search engine.

Within the past two years, the search engine has improved tremendously in all 
regards. In addition to that, Huawei's Petal Search continues to forge numerous 
partnerships with over 3,000 partners to date, working hand in hand to enrich 
its vast ecosystem.

2020: Building basic search capabilities for global users

With the vital importance of online search engines in our daily lives and the 
simplicity of the Search bar, users are connected seamless to content on the 
internet. Simply by typing keywords, users can gain access to every relevant 
and available content online.

With that in mind, Huawei set out to create its own mobile service and search 
engine. After a period of gruelling tests, Huawei launch Petal Search which is 
pre-installed on all Huawei smartphones. And Search servers as Huawei Mobile 
Services (HMS) native search engine.

Building on Huawei's 1+8+N Seamless AI Life strategy, Petal Search built on its 
own search capabilities in the global market to provide users with search and 
query capabilities based on specific technical functions and all-scenario 
capabilities. In November, Petal Search once again brought a variety of new 
features to its users. Introducing three new search verticals such as Nearby, 
Shopping and Travel, Petal Search provides a close loop search service for its 
users, directing them straight to the results without having to leave the page. 
Other unique tools such as weather updates, calculator and real time currency 
exchange rates are also provided to allow user quick access these needed 

User trends are a crucial point in the development of Petal Search. With the 
growing use of other search methods on search engines, Petal Search provides 
users with Multimodal search capabilities allowing users with more ways to 
search for content.  

Even with an overly saturated search engine landscape, Petal Search's unique 
services and the elevated search experience that is offered draws more users 
towards selecting it as their search engine of choice.

2021: Rapid development providing users with an All-In-One search platform

Together with more than 3,000 partners, Petal Search provides users with a 
variety of services on one single platform further working to its goal of being 
an All-In-One Search Engine.

Furthermore, Petal Search upgraded its user interface for a more seamless 
interaction and introduced Petal GO which allows users to subscribe to a 
variety of Cards ranging from daily news, entertainment and many more.

To create a personalised experience, Petal Search provides localised Box 
services based on the different service requirements of countries and regions. 
For example, users who in Singapore can access the "Shared Umbrella" Box by 
typing those keywords into the search bar. Users will be provided with 
locations with umbrella sharing services.  With over 300 localised Boxes such 
as "Property Rental" in Madrid and "Job" in United Kingdom, users are provided 
with unique information based on the location they are in.

Through the introduction of its unique features and experiences, Petal Search 
has distinguished itself amongst the other search engines in the market.

Huawei recognises the concerns of users when it comes to Privacy and security. 
With all these personal information, Petal Search unites the hardware-based 
security and safety technologies to ensure the standards of data privacy and 
security for Huawei users with certified ePrivacyseal data protection and GDPR 
compliances. Using Privacy Center, users are allowed to choose between search 
modes, standard or smart, to better help in their search process.

With great growth within its first year, Petal Search continues in its journey 
to improving the search experience for its users.

2022: Developing the Next-Generation Search Engine

This year, Petal Search continues to be committed to become the search engine 
of choice for users globally. According to Statcounter's metrics, Petal Search 
ranks as the top 3 Mobile Search Engines in more than 18 countries.

Petal Search continues to expand on current services, providing more than 500 
new localised Box services and over 20 vertical search categories. Petal Search 
also continues to better under its users with improvements in its multi-modal 
search capabilities.

As Petal Search works on its features and functions, it continues in its 
commitment to helping users across the world to find what they are looking for 
and curate high quality content, all while keeping users' data safe, private, 
and secure. In addition to the security certifications, Petal Search provides a 
Safe Search function to allow users to safety display search results and notify 
users regarding the source of information to ensure authentic results are 

With the current search engines matching users with the results, they are 
looking for, Petal Search aims to provide users with more by connecting people 
to the services they need.

The team behind Petal Search continues to upgrade the search tool and offer 
users with an enhanced search experience. With key aspects such as all-scenario 
collaboration, service ecosystem, user scenarios, human connections and 
conversational interaction capabilities, Petal Search continues to grow and 
evolve to better serve users with next generation of search engines 

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