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Monday, July 04 2022 - 09:00
QC Ware Announces Q2B22 Tokyo to be Held July 13-14, 2022
PALO ALTO, Calif., July 4, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

--Industry's Largest Quantum Computing Community Debuts in Japan
--IBM Quantum Announced as Platinum Sponsor
--Q2B22 Tokyo Co-Hosted by QunaSys

QC Ware, a leading quantum software and services company, today announced the 
inaugural Q2B22 Tokyo - Practical Quantum Computing, to be held exclusively in 
person at The Westin Tokyo in Japan on July 13-14, 2022. Q2B is the world's 
largest gathering of the quantum computing community, focusing solely on 
quantum computing applications and driving the discourse on quantum advantage 
and commercialization. Registration and other information on Q2B22 Tokyo is 
available at

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Q2B22 Tokyo will feature top academics, industry end users, government 
representatives, and quantum computing vendors from around the world.

"Japan has led the way with ground-breaking research on quantum computing," 
said Matt Johnson, CEO of QC Ware. "In addition, the ecosystem includes some of 
Japan's largest enterprises, forward-thinking government organizations, and a 
thriving venture-backed startup community. I'm excited to be able to connect 
the Japanese and international quantum computing ecosystems at this unique 

QC Ware has been operating in Japan since 2019 and recently opened up an office 
in Tokyo. 

Sponsored by IBM Quantum, Q2B22 Tokyo will be co-hosted by QunaSys, co-hosted 
by QunaSys, a leading Japanese developer company working on innovative 
algorithms focused on accelerating the development of quantum technology 
applicability in chemistry.

Japan's technology ecosystem is actively advancing quantum computing. QunaSys 
is a key player in boosting technology adoption, driving business, government, 
and academia collaboration to enable the quantum chemistry ecosystem. We are 
pleased to work with QC Ware and co-host Q2B Tokyo bringing Q2B to Japan, said 
Tennin Yan, CEO of QunaSys."
"IBM Quantum has strategically invested in Japan to accelerate an ecosystem of 
world-class academic, private sector and government partners, including 
installation of the IBM Quantum System One at the University of Tokyo, and the 
co-development of the Quantum Innovation Initiative Consortium (QIIC)," said 
Aparna Prabhakar, Vice President, Partners and Alliances, IBM Quantum. "We are 
excited to work with QC Ware and QunaSys to bring experts from a wide variety 
of quantum computing fields to Q2B22 Tokyo."

Q2B22 Tokyo will feature keynotes from top academics such as:
    --  Kohei Itoh, President, Keio University
    --  Hidetoshi Nishimori, Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    --  Francois Le Gall, Professor, Nagoya University

Other keynotes include:
    --  Matt Langione, Partner, Boston Consulting Group
    --  Aparna Prabhakar, Vice President, Partner Ecosystem, IBM Quantum
    --  Mitsunobu Koshiba, Honorary Chairman,JSR Corporation
    --  Koji Yasui, Sub Program Director of SIP Program, Photonics and 
        Quantum Technology and Senior Chief Technologist, Mitsubishi 
        Electric Corporation
    --  Celia Merzbacher, Executive Director, QED-C

Japanese and international end-users discussing active quantum initiatives, 
such as:

    --  Takanori Ide, Senior Specialist, Aisin Corporation
    --  Dr. Elvira Shishenina, Quantum Computing Lead, BMW Group
    --  Tadashi Kadowaki, Project General Manager, Denso Corporation

Materials and Chemistry:
    --  Qi Gao, Senior Chief Scientist, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
    --  Gian-Luca Romano Anselmetti, Covestro Deutschland AG
    --  Yu-ya Ohnishi, Deputy General Manager, JSR Corporation

Finance and more: 
    --  Nikitas Stamatopoulos, Vice President, R&D Engineering, Goldman Sachs
    --  Masayoshi Terabe, Head of Quantum Transformation, Sumitomo Corporation
    --  Ryota Katsuki, Researcher, NTT Data

In addition to IBM Quantum, Q2B22 Tokyo, is sponsored by D-Wave Systems, 
Keysight Technologies, NVIDIA, Quantinuum Ltd., Quantum Machines, and 
Strangeworks, Inc.

Other sponsors include: 
    --  Gold: Agnostiq, Bleximo Corp., Classiq, and Fujitsu
    --  Showcase: Deloitte and PsiQuantum
    --  Exhibitor: NEC and Pasqal
    --  Networking: QED-C
    --  Technical & Government Truck Sponsor: AISIN

Q2B has been run by QC Ware since 2017, with the annual flagship event held in 
Northern California's Silicon Valley. Q2B Silicon Valley is currently scheduled 
for December 6-8 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. 

About QC Ware

QC Ware is a quantum software and services company focused on ensuring 
enterprises are prepared for the emerging quantum computing disruption. QC Ware 
specializes in the  development of applications for near-term quantum computing 
hardware with a team composed of some of the industry's foremost experts in 
quantum computing. Its growing network of customers includes AFRL, Aisin Group, 
Airbus, BMW Group, Covestro, Equinor, Goldman Sachs, Itau Unibanco, and Total. 
QC Ware Forge, the company's flagship quantum computing cloud service, is built 
for data scientists with no quantum computing background. It provides unique, 
performant, turnkey quantum computing algorithms. QC Ware is headquartered in 
Palo Alto, California, and supports its European customers through its 
subsidiary in Paris and its Asian customers from a Tokyo office. QC Ware also 
organizes Q2B, the largest annual gathering of the international quantum 
computing community.

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Tim Smith
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SOURCE: QC Ware Corp.