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Monday, July 04 2022 - 17:11
Sinopec Acquires Trillion Cubic Meters of Shale Gas Resources in Southwestern Sichuan, China
CHONGQING, China, July 4, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (HKG: 0386, "Sinopec") has reported that 
it has achieved a daily production capacity of 530,000 cubic meters of shale 
gas on June 30 in its Xinye Well-1 in Qijiang, Chongqing, confirming the 100 
billion cubic meters of shale gas reserves in its Xinchang shale gas structure.

As of now, Sinopec has established the shale gas resource belt of "Xinchang 
South – Dongxi – Dingshan – Lintanchang" (the "Belt") in the southeastern 
Sichuan Basin, with overall shale gas resource volume reaching 1.19305 trillion 
cubic meters, the second trillion-level shale gas reserve of Sinopec following 
its Fuling shale gas field that will contribute to ensure China's energy 

The Xinye Well-1 has a depth of 5,756 meters, and the structure belt has a 
large favorable area and resources of shale gas, making it a key area for 
Sinopec's strategic exploration and production of shale gas. The average well 
depth of the Belt is over 3,500 meters, among which the deepest drilled Dingye 
Well-8's shale gas layer has a depth of 4,614 meters.

The challenges of developing deep deposits include complex ground stress and 
deep burial depth. Sinopec attaches great importance to exploring deep shale 
gas and innovated theories and technologies including fracturing for deep shale 
gas wells as well as achieving domestic production of fracturing equipment, 
tools and materials. Sinopec has realized 100 percent drilling ration of 
high-quality shale.

In 2017, Sinopec established a deep shale gas R&D team to pilot researches in 
Dongxi. After years of comprehensive research and practices, Sinopec has built 
up the theoretical understanding of deep shale gas geology and successfully 
unveiled the development and maintaining mechanism of deep shale holes in 
deep-water shelf-bathyal facies.

In addition, Sinopec also proposed deep shale gas layer sweet spot prediction 
technology that has achieved high-precision exploration, and developed deep 
shale gas fracturing engineering technology that effectively addresses problems 
of burial depth and plasticity, as well as high in-situ stress, to achieve 
three-dimensional network fracturing technology that can ensure precision 
cutting, pressurization, and proliferation, as well as balanced expansion and 

Next, Sinopec will strengthen the precise evaluation of the Xinchang gas field 
and elevate the overall evaluation and deployment of the Belt shale gas 
resources in southeastern Sichuan, thriving to achieve continuous exploration 


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   Caption: Sinopec Acquires Trillion Cubic Meters of Shale Gas Resources in 
Southwestern Sichuan, China.