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Wednesday, July 06 2022 - 08:49
MetService Substantially Drive Viewable Inventory for Advertisers With IAS's Publisher Verification Solution
AUCKLAND, New Zealand, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --

Integral Ad Science (Nasdaq: IAS), a global leader in digital media quality, 
and MetService, Te Ratonga Tirorangi, New Zealand's national weather authority, 
announced a case 
isher-Verification-Solution> on how MetService improved campaign viewability 
with the deployment of the IAS publisher verification solution.

MetService provides comprehensive weather information for Aotearoa, New Zealand 
24 hours a day, 365 days a year and as a State-Owned Enterprise, MetService 
generates revenue from advertising across its digital platforms. They strive to 
provide their users and advertisers with inventory that is premium, safe, and, 
importantly, viewable. To maintain their strict quality standards, MetService 
sought to enhance the performance of specific ad units for viewability across 
their digital platforms.

To address this challenge, MetService partnered with IAS to enable the 
Publisher Verification solution. With this analysis suite, MetService were able 
to understand the viewability of each ad unit on their platforms to identify 
areas where improvements could be made. Notably, they were able to split the 
performance of ad units by device. By doing so, they identified opportunities 
to make major improvements across their mobile app. After deploying changes to 
these ad units, viewability rose substantially.

As a result, MetService found that by using IAS's Publisher Verification 
solution, they achieved stronger viewability:

Kathryn Blackmore, Key Account & Partnerships Manager, MetService said, "In 
2021 MetService undertook work with IAS to increase viewability across our 
platforms. As a direct result, we saw sitewide viewability increase by 14%, as 
well as increased viewability on key ad units after the obstruction was 
identified and optimisations made. Advertising campaign performance for our 
clients, benchmarked by click-through rate, showed an increase in both total 
campaign performance and ad unit clicks as we worked through these changes with 
IAS. As a result, we will continue to build on these successes working with IAS 
in 2022."

Jessica Miles, Country Manager ANZ at IAS said, "Media quality is a 
non-negotiable in today's advertising ecosystem, but fragmentation between 
buyers and publishers can mean that media quality results can be vastly 
different depending on which side of the ecosystem you're from. This 
discrepancy can create trading challenges and erode trust between both sides of 
the market. With the IAS publisher verification solution, our publisher 
partners have access to the same data and metrics, enabling them to better 
align with buy-side requirements. With this integration, MetService were able 
to understand the viewability of each ad unit on their platforms to identify 
areas where improvements could be made. We're very excited to partner with 
MetService to help advertisers ensure that they continue to invest in premium 
viewable inventories."

ublisher-Verification-Solution> the case study to learn more.

Media contact: Pooja Singh, +65-90615135,

SOURCE  Integral Ad Science (IAS)