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Tuesday, August 30 2022 - 16:26
The 2022 Northeast Asia Cultural Tourism Creation Expo Opened in Shenyang
SHENYANG, China, Aug. 30, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Spanning a course of three days, the 2022 Northeast Asia Cultural Tourism 
Creation Expo kicked off in Shenyang on August 26th under the central theme of 
"joint participation in a cultural tourism gala, sharing of creativity and the 

This year's exposition comprises five major exhibition zones: the Shenyang and 
Shenyang Modernized Metropolitan Area Exhibition Zone, Domestic Exhibition 
Zone, International Exhibition Zone, Creative Science and Technology Exhibition 
Zone, and Stage Performance Zone. 142 exhibitors from both China and abroad 
descended on Shenyang with a plethora of exhibitions, a diverse range of shows 
and performances, and a wide array of information to present to foreign and 
Chinese travelers a cultural tourism gala unlike any other, according to the 
Information Office of Shenyang People's Government.

This year's exposition fully showcased some of China's most popular cultural 
tourism cities (city clusters), and distinct culture and unique tourism 
resources of key tourist destination countries and cities in Northeast Asia and 
elsewhere around the globe. Of which, there were plenty of displays of tourism 
products, cultural creativity products, 5G applications, artificial 
intelligence and other products and technologies, enabling both citizens and 
tourists to get first-hand knowledge and experience on the immense 
possibilities when culture, tourism, science and technology meld, and to 
personally immerse into the novelty and joys of various exhibiting products.

The exposition specially set up the Shenyang Modernized Metropolitan Area 
"Seven Cities and One District" Exhibition Zone, which focused on contents such 
as unique local history and culture, tourist attractions, cultural creativity 
products, cultural performances, etc. During the span of the expo, the Shenyang 
Modernized Metropolitan Area "Seven Cities and One District" presented a joint 
declaration on integrated cultural tourism development with the aim of fully 
giving play to the region's complementary advantages stemming from cultural 
tourism resources and endowments, cultivating new business formats and new 
scenarios that complement each other, and concertedly forging a cultural 
tourism intellectual property system shared by members of the region.

Source: The Information Office of Shenyang People's Government

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   Caption: The 2022 Northeast Asia Cultural Tourism Creation Expo