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Thursday, September 22 2022 - 21:38
Mumm announces its collaboration with Axiom Space: Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar champagne, a symbol of our culture, will embark on future human space flights
PARIS, September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Maison Mumm revealed the final design of Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar, the first 
champagne bottle and tasting experience designed for space travel and human 
spaceflight. In a historic collaboration with Axiom Space, a leader in 
commercial human spaceflight, Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar will join Axiom's human 
spaceflight program and fly on future space missions.

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Beyond the technological challenge, Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar participates in 
making our culture and its rituals a part of history wherever humankind 
explores new territories. Initiated in 2017, this ambitious project has now 
achieved full compliance with space cargo specifications and AOC Champagne 
regulations. Following on this achievement, Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar will join 
Axiom's upcoming crewed missions to low Earth orbit and extend the 
collaboration to Axiom Station, the world's first commercial space station, to 
test and discover the tasting ritual in the real conditions of space.

Compliance with space technical specifications and AOC Champagne regulations

True to the avant-garde spirit that has been driving it since 1827, Maison Mumm 
has been pursuing a project since 2017 that is as ambitious as it is 
innovative. The first Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar model presented in 2018 set the 
framework for the project's different aspects – culture, design-innovation, 
wine - and generated observations - technical and oenological - useful for the 
development of the second model to be certified.

Surrounded by the best experts in their field, Maison Mumm continued the 
research and experimentation - in collaboration with Octave de Gaulle, founder 
of SPADE, an agency specialized in the design of objects for space application, 
and the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), the national French space 
agency. Laurent Fresnet, Cellar Master at Mumm, also participated in a 
parabolic flight in order to understand the impact of zero-gravity conditions 
on the wine and guarantee its integrity in the finalization of the specific 
blend of the Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar cuvée.

After four years of this new phase of research of development, Mumm Cordon 
Rouge Stellar has now achieved full compliance with space requirements 
certified by the CNES, attesting to its readiness for future space flights. 
Furthermore, Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar respects AOC Champagne regulations, 
certifying the integrity of the wine.

Maison Mumm and Axiom Space:
Terrestrial culture at the outpost of humanity in space

Maison Mumm is taking champagne into a new era of human history. Jean-François 
Clervoy, French European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut and veteran of three NASA 
space missions, collaborated on the project, and comments: "In space, it is 
essential to maintain a link with Earth and its culture. As a symbol of the art 
of living that has endured through time, champagne has this universal appeal."

Space exploration allows us to have a better observation and understanding of 
our own world. It also generates technological innovations that help change our 
lives on Earth and research that creates progress in various fields.

If the notion of progress is inscribed in the founding identity of Maison Mumm, 
the Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar project gives a definition that goes far beyond 
champagne. It is part of a much larger vision for humankind: a vision that the 
champagne House shares with Axiom Space and which has led them to announce 
their collaboration to establish terrestrial culture at the outpost of humanity 
in space.

The Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar champagne will embark on an upcoming Axiom Space 
mission to test the tasting ritual in real space flight conditions. This will 
help finalize the development of the experience and make last-minute 

The ultimate goal is for Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar to participate in the 
pursuit of space exploration by taking part in life on board the station 
currently being developed by Axiom Space. As a result, space travelers will be 
able to enjoy a product that comes from Earth's soil as well as the 
savoir-faire of humankind, a symbol of our culture.

Champagne allows us to recreate an emblematic ritual of celebration and 
conviviality that brings us together on Earth: a real link that conveys common 

100% French: demanding production and a high-tech design

In order to comply with the dual space-AOC Champagne specifications, Mumm 
Cordon Rouge Stellar had to meet a complex set of constraints (e.g. gaseous 
liquid in the absence of gravity, pressure contained in the bottle, food 
compatibility, material specifications, size, ergonomics and intuitive use). 
All technical questions related to the design were addressed by Octave de 
Gaulle, the founder of SPADE, with the active support of CNES and the Comat 
design office.

Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar is designed in three parts:

-  Contained in a half glass bottle, the wine is secured by a perfectly 
reliable stainless steel opening-closing device. It only comes into contact 
with glass and stainless steel, identical to Mumm's blending vats in Reims - 
two materials that ideally ensure its preservation.

⇒ This assembly fully meets the constraints dictated by the champagne.

-  A shell made of aeronautical-grade aluminum protects the glass bottle.

-  The upper part, known as the "service" part, is composed of a long neck 
topped by a cork and a ring (which allows the cork to be retained and locks the 
bottle's stainless steel mechanism).

⇒These two elements fully respond to the constraints dictated by space.

With its futuristic appearance, Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar nevertheless has a 
shape that's similar to a traditional champagne bottle and reproduces as 
faithfully as possible the ritual of champagne tasting.

"This project is, of course, very stimulating because of its highly 
technological nature and its 100% French identity, from design to 
manufacturing. But it is also very exciting because technology serves a greater 
purpose here: champagne condenses the memory of a terroir, a climate, an 
ancestral savoir-faire and tasting sensations for all those who will evolve far 
from Earth," comments Octave de Gaulle, founder of the SPADE agency.

A blend of Mumm Cordon Rouge adapted to tasting in space

The conditions of tasting champagne in space differ on the physiological level 
with an alteration of the sense of smell. The behavior of the champagne is also 
modified: the bubbles no longer rise to the surface, so they don't release the 
aroma molecules they contain.

The sensory sequence is specific, creating new sensations. First, the sense of 
sight is solicited then the wine - in the form of foam - enters in contact with 
the lips and mouth and is inhaled through the mouth. Once inside the mouth, the 
foam coats the walls as capillary action takes place. The overall perception of 
the wine changes with the decrease in olfaction, which is a main feature of 
wine tasting. Certain notes are perceived more than others.

Taking into account these specific parameters, Laurent Fresnet has selected a 
blend of Mumm Cordon Rouge made with grapes from the 2016 harvest, which 
includes a majority of Pinot Noir - the House's signature grape variety – and 
is supplemented with reserve wines from the past five years (up to 36%). "My 
goal was to retain the freshness and power of Mumm Cordon Rouge, and to enhance 
the intensity of its aromas with more aging and a dosage liqueur made with 
wines aged in oak barrels," explains Laurent Fresnet, Maison Mumm's Cellar 

With an aging on laths extended to five years, the champagne has developed 
notes of ripe yellow fruit and vine peach, but also dried fruit, hazelnut and 
praline. Aged in oak barrels, the dosage liqueur, elaborated from wines, brings 
a touch of vanilla and pastry notes. As a result, Laurent Fresnet has 
reinforced the characteristics of the Mumm style - freshness, intensity, 
complexity - in tasting conditions where the senses - olfactory and gustatory - 
are altered.

Michael Suffredini, Axiom Space's President & CEO, says: "Axiom's collaboration 
with Mumm and the Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar recognizes that, to bring humanity 
to space we can't just bring humans, we need to bring human traditions. This 
philosophy of celebrating humankind empowers our goal for Axiom Station, a next 
generation destination that will serve as a thriving home in space to enable a 
diverse space economy, further exploration and enable more of humanity to 
access space."

César Giron, President of Maison Mumm, says: "Innovation has been part of 
Maison Mumm's identity since 1827 and Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar is a perfect 
illustration of this. This project brings together the French savoir-faire of 
excellence for the benefit of conviviality that is so dear to us here on Earth. 
As early as 1904, Mumm was present on board with Commander Jean-Baptiste 
Charcot to celebrate the first successful French expedition to Antarctica. 
Tomorrow, it will accompany the life of the pioneers of the 21st century in the 
same way in this new territory that is space".


Maison Mumm

Mumm is part of Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët, the prestige cognac and champagne 
business of Pernod Ricard, the world's n°2 in wines and spirits. With its 
distinguished heritage dating back to 1827, Mumm is the Mumm is the leading 
super Premium champagne House in France and third worldwide*. Mumm Grand Cordon 
pays tribute to the iconic red sash – indented in the glass as part of a whole 
series of innovations. The revolutionary bottle is the perfect embodiment of 
the spirit of the House associated with audacious challenges and groundbreaking 
endeavors. * IWSR 2019


CNES (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales) is the public establishment 
responsible for proposing French space policy to the Government and 
implementing it in Europe. It designs and puts satellites in orbit and invents 
the space systems of tomorrow; it promotes the emergence of new services that 
are useful in everyday life. CNES, created in 1961, initiates major space 
projects, launchers and satellites and is the natural partner of industry for 
pushing innovation. CNES has nearly 2,400 employees, men and women who are 
passionate about space, which opens up infinite, innovative fields of 
application; it intervenes in five areas: the Ariane launcher, scientific 
research, observation, telecommunications and defence. CNES is a major player 
in technological innovation, economic development and industrial policy in 
France. It also establishes scientific partnerships and is involved in numerous 
international projects. France, represented by CNES, is one of the main 
contributors to the European Space Agency (ESA).

Axiom Space

Axiom Space Axiom Space is guided by the vision of a thriving home in space 
that benefits every human, everywhere. The leading provider of human 
spaceflight services and developer of human-rated space infrastructure, Axiom 
operates end-to-end missions to the International Space Station today while 
privately building its successor, Axiom Station, the first permanent commercial 
destination in Earth's orbit that will sustain human growth off the planet and 
bring untold benefits back home.


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