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Monday, September 26 2022 - 23:41
Accelerating the buildout of real-time cloud rendering ecosystem, Well-Link Technologies raises $40 million in Series B2 financing round led by Temasek
BEIJING, Sept. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

On September 26, Well-Link Technologies, a provider of real-time cloud 
rendering solutions, announced the completion of its $40 million B2 round of 
financing. This round of financing was led by Temasek, followed by existing 
shareholders Future Capital and CDH Venture and Growth Capital (VGC). This 
round of financing will help Well-Link to further improve the strategic layout 
of software and hardware integrated real-time cloud rendering capabilities, and 
accelerating the construction of next-gen computing and rendering architecture.

Founded in 2019, Well-Link has completed 5 rounds of financing in 3 years and 
has developed into the world's leading provider of real-time cloud rendering 
solutions. At a time when the global capital market is exercising cautiousness 
and hesitation, Well-Link successfully completes another round, thanks to its 
industry-leading solutions and forward-looking strategies.

The age of GaaS (Graphics as a Service) has arrived, and the industry has 
evolved from cloud gaming to real-time cloud rendering

With the development of new infrastructure such as 5G, and the continuous 
breakthrough of key technologies such as graphics and image processing, the 
cloud gaming market is booming and has become an important growth driver for 
the pan-entertainment industry. As an important promoter for cloud gaming, 
Well-Link realizes that the age of GaaS has arrived. While consolidating the 
capabilities of cloud gaming products represented by "Cloud Genshin Impact", 
Well-Link is mapping out around the industry chain and beginning to develop in 
key areas such as dedicated servers, cloud rendering-based digital human 
platforms, and next-generation architecture "Ark".

On the server level, Well-Link established Siland to customize high-density GPU 
servers,  based on new rendering method and software architecture, which 
further improved processing efficiency while reducing overall costs. The first 
shipment of products from Siland has been delivered, which helped business 
partners reduce rendering costs by 25%, further proving the feasibility of 
lowering overall cost in the GaaS industry by introducing more efficient 

In August 2022, Well-Link unveiled China's first movie-like cloud-native game 
demo "The Grass of Genesis", showcasing the next-generation software 
architecture "Ark ". By implementing brand new software structure, new 
development collaboration method, and the introduction of film production 
standards into game development, Well-Link began to explore paths for high 
quality content creation and VR/AR to cross. At the same time, Well-Link 
Technologies and Hixi Media Group reached a strategic cooperation to jointly 
promote digital human "Chuncao", the first digital actor in China to officially 
debut. The strategic partnership is set to drive the digital human industry 
forward by finding paths to commercial success.

After this round of financing, Well-Link will continue to explore applications 
of real-time cloud rendering in other much-needed scenarios such as VR/AR, 
better enable content creation on the cloud, encourage the development of 
higher quality content, and ultimately achieve the goal of building the future 
digital world.

SOURCE  Well-Link Technologies

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