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Saturday, October 08 2022 - 21:10
Tours for expats feature Pudong landmarksĀ spanning art, culture and design
SHANGHAI, Oct. 8, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

The opening of the Museum of Art Pudong (MAP) in 2021 was a huge success, not 
only because of its architectural style - the marble-and-glass rectangle along 
the Huangpu River - but also because of its world-class opening exhibitions by 
Britain's Tate, Spain's Fundacio Joan Miro, and Chinese fireworks artist Cai 

On Sept. 30, 2022, a new exhibition "The Dynamic Eye: Op and Kinetic Art from 
the Tate Collection" was shown at the MAP in the Lujiazui area.

Hence, the MAP is listed in eight tourist routes unveiled by the Pudong 
government, according to the Information Office of Shanghai Pudong New Area 
People's Government.

As its name suggests, the "Pudong in the Eyes of Expats" routes are especially 
designed for expats.

Statistics show Pudong has gathered the regional headquarters of over 400 
multinational companies, and over 100,000 overseas talent. The routes show them 
different sides of Pudong's charm, from the ancient water town to the world's 
second tallest building, or the bustling commercial complexes to the ecological 

Route 1: Pudong's history of development and opening-up
Pudong Development Exhibition Hall - Shanghai Headquarters of the People's Bank 
of China - Shanghai Urban Historical Development Exhibition Hall (Oriental 
Pearl Tower) - Shanghai Stock Exchange - Shanghai Pudong Expo

Route 2: Shanghai culture
Shanghai Tower - Oriental Pearl Tower - Museum of Art Pudong - Wangjiang Post - 
Shanghai Expo Culture Park - Shanghai Oriental Sports Center

Route 3: Stroll through the art capital
China Art Museum - Modern Art Museum, Shanghai - Baoku Culture Center, Duoyun 
Books (Shanghai Tower) - Aurora Museum - Museum of Art Pudong - Oriental Art 
Center - Shanghai International Artworks Bonded Service

Route 4: Science City
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum - Robot Valley - Zhangjiang Science Hall 
- AIsland Experience Center - Jinqiao 5G Industry Exhibition Center - Jinqiao 
Intelligent Connected Vehicle Test Demonstration Zone

Route 5: Enjoy global fashion
Taikoo Li Qiantan - The Mercedes-Benz Arena - IFC - MIFA 1862 - Century Link 
Mall - Bicester Shanghai Village - Florentia Village

Route 6: Must-visit sites
Breathtaking skylines (Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower, Shanghai Jinmao 
Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center) - Shanghai Ocean Aquarium - Shanghai 
Library (East Hall) - Pudong Library - Shanghai Disney Resort - Shanghai Wild 
Animal Park - Haichang Ocean Park - Shanghai Astronomy Museum

Route 7: Explore nature
Expo Culture Park - Century Park - Zhou Pu Flower Sea Ecological Garden - 
Lavender Park - Heqing Countryside Park - Binjiang Forest Park

Route 8: Intangible cultural heritage of ancient towns
Gaoqiao Old Street - Neishidi - Sanlintang Old Street - Fu Lei's Former 
Residence - Xinchang Ancient Town

There are inevitable bouts of homesickness for anyone far from home. But in 
most cases, Matthew John Haynes can find a cure here in Shanghai.

The Briton has been living in Pudong for about seven years as a teacher at 
Dulwich College.

Like many of his colleagues, he settled down in the international community of 
Biyun, near the school campus. But a short commute isn't the only reason he 
chose Pudong to make his home.

"I like Pudong," he said. "It's a little bit quieter which is nice for me 
because I come from the countryside. I get to be in the biggest city in the 
world and still just a short distance to some quiet and pleasant places."

If  Biyun is the quiet side of Pudong, then Lujiazui stands as the contrary: 
dotted with high-rises, thronged with visitors. Haynes loves it, though.

"It's a big mix, a lot of opportunities for everybody," he said, noting that 
there's a lot of different ways of understanding the world in Pudong and 

"I really like the open spaces in Pudong. I like Century Park and places where 
you can have outdoor recreation. It's also very exciting for the families. You 
can come to an art museum, science and technology museum, and aquarium," he 

On September 30th, Haynes viewed the "The Dynamic Eye: Op and Kinetic Art from 
the Tate Collection" exhibition at the Museum of Art Pudong (MAP).

It's his first time visiting the MAP and it's an impressive experience. It 
seems to provide a new option to cure his homesickness.

"I'm British. Today is the first day of the exhibition from the Tate gallery. 
See! Even the floor we're standing on is from the Tate exhibition," he said, 
gently stamping his feet. "So, it's very exciting. It's really nice for me 

Source: Information Office of Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Government

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