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Wednesday, November 23 2022 - 11:00
MakinaRocks Unveils "Runway" – Targeting the Enterprise MLOps Market
TOKYO, Nov. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- Reduce time to build AI operational environment from 6 months to 4 weeks

AI startup MakinaRocks (Co-CEOs Andre S. Yoon and Jae-hyuk Lee), a leading 
specialist in manufacturing and industrial solutions, is poised to dominate the 
MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) market with the launch of its enterprise 
MLOps platform MakinaRocks Runway™.

Runway is the promising new enterprise MLOps platform developed by MakinaRocks. 
MakinaRocks has acquired expertise in developing and operating high-performance 
AI models through its experience of carrying out more than 100 successful AI 
projects in diverse industries such as semiconductor, battery, automobile, and 
solar energy. Runway guarantees flexibility in responding to a wide range of 
data and related problems for companies in various sectors and accelerates the 
entire process of the machine learning life cycle by standardizing machine 
learning model development, deployment, and operation environment.

"Runway enables MakinaRocks' customers to reduce the time it takes to build a 
system to operate models from six months to four weeks. The platform is truly a 
breakthrough solution for companies that have little or no experience in 
deploying code-based AI/ML models or are paying high costs for managing AI/ML 
models to create real business value through AI technology," said Jae-hyuk Lee, 
the company's CEO & co-founder.

Runway is currently being used by energy companies (about KRW 7.8 trillion in 
sales in 2021), semiconductor parts manufacturers (about KRW 160 billion in 
sales in 2021), and AI startups (about KRW 5 billion in sales in 2021). 
MakinaRocks continues to receive many inquiries about Runway from global 
automotive manufacturers, AI-managed companies, and other enterprises and is 
set to launch Runway in full-scale on the global market in 2023.

MakinaRocks will participate in the Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS) in Tokyo, 
Japan in 2022. A presentation by MakinaRocks' CEO and founder Andre S. 
Yoon<> will 
be given on November 30 (Wed) with the topic "MLOps for industries: An 
Introduction to MakinaRocks". Those interested in industrial AI and enterprise 
MLOps in Japan are invited to set up a meeting through MakinaRocks' website. 

According to a survey of 400 companies conducted by Algorithmia, an American AI 
company established in 2013, 55% of the companies surveyed have never built 
AI/ML models in the production environment, about 40% said it took more than 30 
days to deploy a single model, and 41% responded that they were having 
difficulties version controlling and reproducing machine learning models. MLOps 
is a technology that helps alleviate the difficulties that many companies face 
in developing and operating AI/ML models.

Founded in 2017, MakinaRocks is an AI startup with offices in Seoul and Silicon 
Valley. In July 2022, MakinaRocks was selected by the technology market 
intelligence company CB Insights for its "Advanced Manufacturing 50" list. In 
2021, MakinaRocks was selected as one of the "World Economic Forum's Technology 
Pioneers," a title previously given to Google, Airbnb, and Palantir 

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