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Thursday, November 17 2022 - 18:34
Bright Food Group participated in the 5th CIIE and continued to move towards high quality development
SHANGHAI, Nov. 17, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

At the 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE), Bright Food Group once again 
presented its "THE SMART CHAIN global food distribution platform". In the past 
five years, Bright Food Group has taken a more open stance and participated in 
CIIE in all aspects, fields and channels, presenting a more international, 
market-oriented and professional brand image for Chinese and foreign guests.

Bright Food Group's "THE SMART CHAIN global food distribution platform" has 
been the largest single booth in the food exhibition area for five consecutive 
years. The exhibitors came from 30 countries and regions, and their categories 
included meat, aquatic products, dairy products, grain and oil products, wine, 
leisure food, distribution channels, trade services, etc., allowing Chinese 
consumers to taste the whole world without leaving home.

In recent years, Bright Food Group has focused on the sourcing and distribution 
of high-protein food products to meet the needs of the domestic market. "The 
SMART CHAIN global food distribution platform", which was created as a result 
of CIIE, has played its full role as the main force and ballast to ensure a 
high quality of life for the public, making the "rice bag", "vegetable basket" 
and "milk pot" indispensable for Chinese consumers. 

As the backbone of Shanghai's main and sideline food supply, Bright Food Group 
is a comprehensive food industry group that integrates modern agriculture, food 
processing and manufacturing, and food distribution, with dairy, meat, sugar, 
grain and oil, vegetables, aquatic products and other food industries as the 
mainstay, and has a complete food industry chain from the field to the table.

The Group is committed to ensuring food supply and integrating internal and 
external resources, with its business network covering the whole world, 
building a localised multinational company with competitiveness in its main 
business and brand influence, and a leading Chinese food brand with global 
layout and multinational operations.

In the future, Bright Food Group will also follow the pace of the new era, 
continue to promote high-quality development, closely focus on the high protein 
food strategy, and bring more high-quality products and services to the Chinese 

Source: Bright Food Group

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