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Tuesday, November 22 2022 - 19:41
Short Video Series 'Welcome to C' released, 21 Foreigners Share Their Stories in China
BEIJING, Nov. 22, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On November 9th, 2022, Welcome to C, a Chinese-English short video series was 
released by China Story Database, and soon attracted extensive attention 
globally. This series of four videos offers perspectives on the Belt and Road 
Initiative, sustainable development, targeted poverty alleviation, and rural 
revitalization from foreigners living in China or having been to China.

The video series innovate a way of expression by creatively using vox-pop and 
short interviews to express the real feelings of foreigners. Each video starts 
with interesting questions and shows what has happened in the past decade 
through foreigners' unique experiences in China. 

What do those international students want to take away with them while leaving 
China? Why do foreign backpackers choose Chinese villages as their 
destinations, some even settle down there? Can an expat become a village head 
in rural China? Why is there so much natural beauty in China? Why does a 
foreigner speak a fluent dialect of Hainan? What interesting stories did the 
foreigners have with the neighborhood committee, etc. These questions were 
answered from cross-cultural perspectives by foreigners living in China or 
having been to China.

Many foreigners in China have deeply integrated into the Chinese way of life. 
These videos will narrow the psychological distance between Chinese and foreign 

What they witnessed and experienced in China has already become an integral 
part of China's stories in the new era. Those foreigners living in China or 
having been to China are also witnesses and storytellers of China's development.

Source: China Story

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