Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Wednesday, November 30 2022 - 00:09
Chengdu Novel Display Technology Industry Captures Worldwide Attention and Takes Aim at Hundred Billion-Yuan Echelon
CHENGDU, China, Nov. 29, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government and Ministry of 
Industry and Information Technology, and organized by the Chengdu Municipal 
People's Government, the 2022 World Conference on Display Industry (WCDI) is 
set to commence in the Chinese metropolis of Chengdu on November 30.

During the span of the conference, the latest in hi-tech applications and 
products such as holographic projects of Sanxingdui Museum's mask with 
protruding eyes and gold mask, and LG's flexible OLED television will be 
unveiled. Around a hundred heavyweight guests from about a dozen nations and 
regions including China, South Korea, Japan, the U.S. and the U.K. will 
participate in the meeting and deliver speeches.

Held concurrently with the main event is a novel display technology innovation 
exhibition. More than 60 leading enterprises and their cutting-edge 
technologies, products, applications and solutions will be showcased over an 
exhibition area of some 12,000 square meters, where visitors will be treated to 
an up close and immersive experience into the forefront of the industry.

"Displays are everywhere," and under the direction of scientific and 
technological advancements, new applications in the display industry are 
quietly but surely changing people's lives. This year's host city, the 
megapolis of Chengdu situated in the hinterland of southwestern China, is 
utilizing its novel display industry to connect with the world.

"If you are using a foldable phone, the display screen could have been made in 
Chengdu," remarked Qin Xiangdong, Vice President of BOE Technology Group. 
Chengdu is home to the world's second and China's first BOE sixth-generation 
flexible AMOLED display panel production line. Flexible OLED screens have been 
broadly adopted in a wide range of smartphones from brands such as Apple and 
Huawei, and in the future, half of the world's high-end flexible display 
screens might be "made in Chengdu".

BOE is a display industry leader, and also the engine that has propelled the 
advancement of Chengdu's novel display industry. Since first establishing its 
presence in Chengdu 15 years ago, not only has BOE invested and constructed 
projects worth nearly a hundred billion yuan, it has also attracted the 
gathering of numerous upstream and downstream enterprises such as CEC-Panda, 
Tianma, Newway Photomask, Vistar Optoelectronics, Xgimi Technology and 
Skyworth, which together comprise a basically complete novel display industry 
chain. Not only has this chain been able to effectively reduce corporate 
operation costs and fuel the growth of innovation-driven enterprises, but has 
also resulted in the assembly of a large number of talents and the acceleration 
in the development of new products and new technologies.

From China's first batch of 4.5th-generation 0.1mm liquid crystal glass 
substrates, to the first piece of photomask product from the country's first 
11th-generation ultra-advanced photomask manufacturing line, a series of 
symbolic and original research and development achievements have been birthed 
in Chengdu. Xgimi Technology, a Chengdu home-grown enterprise, has emerged as a 
leader in the projector industry thanks to its independent innovations, and its 
global delivery reached the million unit milestone in 2021, while accounting 
for 21.2% of total shipment in the Chinese market for the year.

On August 16, BOE formally unveiled two new technologies that can lower OLED 
display energy consumption while immensely improving visual performance. 
Announced in Chengdu, the pair of new technologies serves to demonstrate the 
city's world-leading flexible OLED display technology and tremendous smart 
manufacturing capability.

At present, novel display industry achievements from Chengdu can be readily 
found in fields from smartphone, vehicle-borne technology, home appliance and 
urban lighting to long-distance medical device and office equipment. In 2021, 
main business income of Chengdu's novel display industry jumped year-on-year by 
39% to reach RMB 60.269 billion, becoming one of the city's most promising 
pillar industries and further cementing its role as a crucial pole in the 
Chinese novel display industry.

Currently, Chengdu's novel display industry is already included in the city's 
key future development blueprint, and plans call for building the city into a 
hundred billion-yuan novel display industry research, development and 
manufacturing base. The hosting of the World Conference on Display Industry in 
Chengdu will further strengthen communications and cooperation in the global 
novel display industry chain and supply chain, and contribute to a world that 
is more intelligent, tech-driven and borderless.

Source: Chengdu Municipal People's Government