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Wednesday, November 30 2022 - 21:52
Startup Island TAIWAN brings together Taiwanese and Japanese firms to share strategies and innovative practices in solving the labor shortage
TAIPEI, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Addressing the challenge together

Investing in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sustainability is a 
way to address the lack of workers. Taiwan and Japan are facing the issue of 
aging population. Thus, both regions' traditional industries and the technology 
sectors actively seek digital transformation. Taiwanese digital media outlet 
SUNRISEMEDIUM, in collaboration with public sector's brand Startup Island 
TAIWAN, helps workers explore and leverage new opportunities among different 
industries. 16 Taiwanese and Japanese teams recently were invited to share 
their ESG strategies and innovative practices in three areas:

1. Leverage the supply chain advantages that Taiwan and Japan have in the 
European and American markets: The "E" in ESG opens up possibilities for 
diversified energy management

- Combine artificial intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Energy: By doing 
so, zeroboard, NextDrive, Blutech, 3Egreen and Intelligent Management Agency 
Incorporation have enabled effective resource allocation through real-time 

2. Support the Society 5.0 with new life movement across generations: The "S" 
in ESG stimulates innovation in different age groups

- Use human-centric technologies: This has allowed QUANDO, WARPSPACE, VACAN, 
RemoteNC, Sew Beautiful, Agriforward and Lypid to enhance digital resilience by 
establishing global labor and communications networks

3. Deploy what Taiwan and Japan have achieved in the field of the artificial 
intelligence of things (AIoT) to transform the regulatory model: The "G" in ESG 
redefines collaborations between stakeholders and AI

- The wide acceptance and adoption of technology drives the automation of 
regulatory oversight and the decision-making process: CyCarrier, BitShine, 
Sustaihub and Chimes AI have optimized governance of information security, 
money management and in the application of laws and regulations
Japan's high standards when it comes to business integrity and Taiwan's 
extensive experience in supply chain constitute the foundation of digital 
governance in the Asia-Pacific region. SUNRISEMEDIUM plans to continue 
providing ESG-related resources for the intergenerational movement.

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