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Wednesday, December 14 2022 - 22:20
CRI Online: The 2022 China Building and Headquarters Economy Global Cooperation Summit Held in Chengdu
CHENGDU, China, Dec. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The 2022 China Building and Headquarters Economy Global Cooperation Summit, 
sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal People's Government and hosted by the 
Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, was held in Chengdu on Dec 13. This 
conference has set up a platform for in-depth exchanges between domestic and 
foreign research institutions, enterprises, and authoritative experts and 
scholars in the field of building and headquarters economy and regional 
economy. Focusing on sharing advanced ideas, promoting international exchanges 
and the implementation of projects, deepening industrial cooperation, the 
conference has promoted the high-quality development of building and 
headquarters economy in Chengdu.

At the conference, 42 major projects were signed with a total value of CNY 32.5 
billion, including 11 projects with a contract amount of more than CNY 1 
billion. It is worth noting that the "List of Investment Opportunities in 
Chengdu Metropolitan Area" was also released on the site, including 444 
investment projects with an amount of nearly CNY 800 billion. The release of 
the list has released a large number of urban development needs and enterprise 
development opportunities, promoted the effective docking of projects, 
scenarios, technologies and demands, and stimulated the vitality of industrial 
development. By building an internationally competitive and regionally driven 
Chengdu metropolitan area, Chengdu, the western central city, is unleashing 
unlimited potential for investment and development.

The Chengdu headquarters economy has developed rapidly, and the number and 
scale of headquarters enterprises have been expanding continuously in the past 
5 years. In 2022, a total of 217 headquarters enterprises were identified in 
Chengdu, with the average annual growth of 10.4%. It recognized that more than 
half of the headquarters enterprises have business coverage in China and above, 
and 1/4 of the headquarters enterprises have been listed in China's Top 500 
Enterprises and Hurun's Top 500 Private Enterprises, etc. In 2021, 312 Fortune 
Global 500 enterprises have settled in Chengdu. Moreover, many local 
enterprises have gradually grown into headquarters enterprises, and the 
economic agglomeration effect of Chengdu headquarters will become more 
prominent. As the first national pilot city of service standardization of 
building economy in China, Chengdu has already bred new business opportunities 
with unlimited potential by virtue of its good business environment.

In addition, the conference also held three special activities covering the 
Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle and the Chengdu Metropolitan Area, 
Headquarters Economy and Building Economy. The experts and representatives of 
the research institutes and business industries discussed and shared the hot 
topics through the form of roundtable forums, jointly promoting the 
high-quality development of the building economy and headquarters economy.

Source: CRI Online

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   Caption: The 2022 China Building and Headquarters Economy Global Cooperation 
Summit Held in Chengdu