Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Thursday, December 15 2022 - 12:52
Standing at the Head of the Tide, Haicang is Committed to the Creation of a World-class Bay Area
XIAMEN, China, Dec. 15, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

The Haicang District of Xiamen city, Fujian province is the first and largest 
domestic Taiwanese Investment Zone, and it serves as a model for the 
cross-island development of Xiamen. The close proximity to the areas of Haicang 
Bay New City, Maluan Bay New City, Cangjiang New City, and Aoguan New City 
creates a magnificent pattern here.

As an industry-driven district, Haicang's GDP has increased by 60 billion yuan. 
Haicang's port area, which is well connected to the outside world, contributes 
to a significant share of Fujian Province's annual container throughput. The 
thriving bay of Haicang enables a harmonious coexistence of man and nature. It 
is here that Minnan culture, Maritime Silk Road culture, and modern vitality 
are fused together as the cultural lineage continues. 

Gentle sea breezes, puffy white clouds, crystal-clear blue bay, beautiful port 
city, Haicang is emanating diversity, openness, and aspiration. Standing ahead 
of the tide, Haicang will build a world-class bay area of high-quality and 
top-notch environment from a higher starting point.

Source: Haicang Convergence Media Center

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   Caption: The Haicang District of Xiamen

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