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Thursday, December 15 2022 - 20:10
2022 International Volunteer Service Exchange and Sharing Conference held in Nanjing
NANJING, China, Dec. 15, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

On December 5, the 37th "International Volunteer Day", International Volunteer 
Service Exchange and Sharing Conference was held at the China Plum Art Center, 
hosted by the International Volunteer Service Working Committee Secretariat of 
China Volunteer Service Federation and the Civilization Office of Nanjing 
Municipal People's Government. Experts and volunteers from the field of 
international volunteer service gathered to share stories of voluntary service 
and contribute their wisdom and efforts to make an exchange platform for 
international voluntary service. At the same time, Nanjing issued an invitation 
to the world with "Together, Act Now".

Across the barriers of language and age, groups of Nanjing volunteers have gone 
to other parts of the world to convey the warmth and love from China. 

"Dedication is one of the most important spirits of international volunteer 
service, and I am going out on behalf of the motherland. This is a very 
positive example!" In 2017, Wu Zhengcan, a member of the Jiangsu Medical Team 
to Africa, director of the Public Health Department of Nanjing No.1 Hospital 
and a new father, convinced himself to medical assistance in Tanzania, and 
completed the first angiographic examination of high difficulty. Wu Zhengcan 
sincerely encouraged the next generation of aid doctors to Africa, "Be worthy 
of the demeanor of a doctor from China, and plant the seeds of China-Africa 

"After the fall of Nanjing in 1937, Dr. Robert O. Wilson resolutely stayed in 
Nanjing as the only surgeon in the city and saved many people. His fearless 
spirit also touched me." Isac Amaral Pereira talked about motivation of being a 
volunteer of Zijin Grass. Now he was serving as a volunteer docent at the 
Memorial Hall, he often shares his feelings on social media to let more people 
understand history and expand channels of communication.

Zhang Qiang, Director of the China Volunteer Service Federation and Professor 
of Beijing Normal University, Wei Na, Vice President of the Beijing Volunteer 
Service Development Research Association and Professor of Renmin University of 
China, She Hongyu, Associate General Secretary of the Amity Foundation, and Xie 
Lei, representative of the Nanjing International Community, conducted in-depth 
exchanges on related issues.

Source: The International Volunteer Service Working Committee Secretariat of 
China Volunteer Service Federation

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   Caption: Volunteers and experts at the conference