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Enabot EBO X Family Robot Companion Named "Innovation Awards Honoree" and Officially Unveiled at CES 2023
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire-Asianet/ --

Enabot, an emerging family robotics company, announced that its new family 
robot companion, EBO X, had been named a CES 2023 "Innovation Awards Honoree" 
in both Smart Home and Robotics product categories on Jan 4th. The EBO X is 
also officially unveiled and exhibited from January 5th to 8th at CES 2023 in 
Las Vegas, Nevada.

Agile Home Security & Health Alert System

Positioned as a "smart guardian", EBO X provides essential features when users 
are away from family, enabled by Auto Navigation and AI Face Recognition 
technology. Among these features, the Elderly Fall Alert help determine if an 
elder has fallen through the gesture inspection algorithm, while the Certain 
Areas Intrusion Alert allows users to mark locations on the internal map as 
restricted areas and sends alerts when someone such as a child enters these 
areas without permission.

The EBO X also features reliable far-field sound sensors with a four-microphone 
array. If a child is crying or anyone at home is experiencing an emergency and 
calling for "HELP", the EBO X will detect it and trigger an App call to the 

EBO X can quickly and accurately map your house using V-SLAM technology, thus 
making accurate area division and management possible.

Flexible Remote Communication Capabilities

With the EBO Home App and 4K Stabilized Camera, the EBO X allows multiple 
family members to log in and chat online simultaneously. Everyone can see each 
other from the perspective of the EBO X. Besides, users are allowed to leave a 
message by typing a text message which will be converted into a voice message 
by EBO X.

Diverse Home Entertainment Experience

To be a truly interactive companion, EBO X bundles up Alexa Built-in services, 
premium sound quality, and exciting light effects to provide fun for the whole 

EBO X can easily connect to any Alexa service that allows you to control IOT 
devices. When streaming music, the dedicated speaker powered by Harman AudioEFX 
offers you a wonderful audio experience. And the dynamic lighting effect will 
change with the rhythm of the song and even changes in the environment.

Play stay tuned with the latest update on the upcoming Kickstarter campaign 
launched in March 2023 for the EBO X on Enabot's website( ) and Facebook( ).

The EBO X will be available for purchase at a retail price of AUD 1699 in Q2 
2023.To view the Enabot EBO X in action, please visit the Enabot YouTube 
channel( ).

About Enabot

Enabot believes our lives can be improved by intelligent family bots. Our 
vision of a technology ridden world is positive, with robots being part of the 
solutions to daily problems, allowing people to focus their time on what 
matters the most: to be there for the ones we love. By connecting people, we 
are dedicated to promoting love, companionship and sharing.

Discover more about Enabot here( ).


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