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Friday, January 06 2023 - 03:30
Parascript Adds A New Patent To Its Portfolio - Methods and Systems for Signature Verification
LONGMONT, Colo., Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Parascript ( 
), a Colorado-based company dedicated to creating AI-powered solutions for 
document processing automation, has been awarded a patent (US 11521428 B1) on 
December 6th, 2022. The patent is for Methods and Systems for Signature 

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Parascript's patent for Methods and Systems for Signature Verification can help 
companies that wish to validate individuals' identities through signature 
verification. The proposed methods capture a signature image or a signature 
trajectory on a digital pad where it is then verified by comparing to a 
reference signature. The reference signature may be available in the form of an 
image or a trajectory collected during the process of signing on a pen-enabled 
device. The patent describes several use cases of identity verification: 
identity verification for remote access to services, identity verification in 
self-service kiosks, automated in-person identity verification, and the 
encoding of signature biometrics on IDs, credit cards, etc. Below are some of 
possible use cases.

    1. Identity verification for accessing services remotely by smartphone, 
       tablet, or PC (e.g., customer onboarding, registration, verification,
       etc.) — The signature is captured by a scanner or a camera on the device 
       and is compared to the reference signature. When an Identification 
       Document (ID) is captured by camera or scanner, the reference signature 
       is extracted from the image on the ID for verification.
    2. Identity verification in self-service kiosks — Signatures are captured 
       on a signature pad or with a camera embedded in a self-service kiosk 
       such as an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) and verified against a 
       signature extracted from an identification card scanned by the machine 
       (driver's license, passport, other).
    3. Automated in-person identity verification — A paper document that bears 
       the signature-in-question (for example a store-branded credit card 
       application) is scanned and automatically matched against the signature 
       on a scanned ID. Alternatively, the signature-in-question may be signed 
       in person on a digital signature pad.
    4. Encoding biometrics of a signature on identification cards, credit 
       cards, cards and other documents that may require identity 
       verification — A person's signature is collected when the person applies 
       for a driver's license, passport, credit card or other ID. 
       This signature is encoded on the document (chip, magnetic stripe). The 
       encoded data may be read and used for signature verification purposes, 
       eliminating the need for Reference signature databases, and enabling an 
       immediate and reliable method of identity verification. This method 
       allows for increased security as the reference signature is not exposed.

Parascript Differentials

Parascript's Methods and Systems for Signature Verification enables high 
accuracy automatic signature verification for identity verification. Innovative 
machine learning technologies allow for simultaneous processing of signatures 
presented in different forms (trajectory or image) without converting them to 
the same input type. This eliminates limitations that impeded the use of 
automatic signature verification for identity verification purposes, and it 
enhances the accuracy of signature verification.


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