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Thursday, January 12 2023 - 04:29
Waterfall Security Announces Cybersecurity Collaboration with Yokogawa
ROSH HA'AYIN, Israel, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Yokogawa to offer Waterfall Unidirectional Gateway cybersecurity products 

Waterfall Security Solutions(, the leader in OT 
cybersecurity, is pleased to announce a collaboration agreement with Yokogawa 
Electric Corporation, a leading provider of industrial automation and test and 
measurement solutions. This new collaboration will make Waterfall's 
industry-leading Unidirectional Gateway cybersecurity products and technologies 
available to Yokogawa's customers globally. In a world where cyber threats to 
industrial operations continue to become more powerful and more pervasive, 
making unidirectional protections available more widely will dramatically 
improve industrial security programs and preparedness.

"Operational and technical reliability is a key focus at Yokogawa. Our 
collaboration with Waterfall will improve the security posture of Yokogawa 
customers and will enable better protection of critical industrial 
infrastructures from targeted ransomware and nation-state attacks," said Iijima 
Katsunori, General Manager of Cyber Security Management at Yokogawa Electric. 
"Yokogawa is proud and excited to support this initiative with Waterfall to 
better serve the security needs of our joint customers." 

"Our global collaboration with Yokogawa is driven by a shared commitment to 
secure critical infrastructures around the world," said Lior Frenkel, CEO and 
Co-Founder at Waterfall. "Waterfall and Yokogawa have been aligned globally for 
many years. Together, we bring to our mutual customers strong unidirectional 
protections to meet modern cybersecurity challenges. We look forward to 
continuing our close cooperation in the years ahead."

Waterfall's Unidirectional Gateways and related products are proven to 
integrate easily and reliably with Yokogawa products, both in Yokogawa 
laboratories and in the field. Existing customers already benefit from 
Waterfall installations that support Yokogawa platforms, including Exaopc, 
Exaquantum, and CI Server.

With the new agreement in place, Waterfall and Yokogawa will be working on 
joint commercial engagements and bundles to their mutual end-customers. 
Additionally, they will work hand in hand on on-going technical validations in 
the Yokogawa laboratory environment. The two will also share in marketing 
activities and events showcasing the two technologies.

In an increasingly digitized world, strong cyber defenses speed the development 
and adoption of technological innovations. Strong unidirectional security also 
enables and simplifies Yokogawa's customers' compliance with industrial 
cybersecurity best practices world-wide, including IEC 62443, France's ANSSI, 
NERC CIP, the IIoT Security Framework, CENELEC TS 50701, and many more. The new 
Waterfall Security and Yokogawa collaboration agreement makes all these 
benefits available to Yokogawa customers world-wide.

About Waterfall Security Solutions

Waterfall Security Solutions' unbreachable OT cybersecurity technologies keep 
the world running. For more than 15 years, the most important industries and 
infrastructure have trusted Waterfall to guarantee safe, secure and reliable 
operations. The company's growing list of global customers includes national 
infrastructures, power plants, nuclear generators, onshore and offshore oil and 
gas facilities, refineries, manufacturing plants, utility companies, and more. 
Waterfall's patented Unidirectional Gateways and other evolutionary products 
combine the benefits of impenetrable hardware with unlimited software-based 
connectivity, enabling 100% safe visibility into industrial operations and 
automation systems.

About Yokogawa

Yokogawa provides advanced solutions in the areas of measurement, control, and 
information to customers across a broad range of industries, including energy, 
chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals, and food. Yokogawa addresses customer 
issues regarding the optimization of production, assets, and the supply chain 
with the effective application of digital technologies, enabling the transition 
to autonomous operations. Founded in Tokyo in 1915, Yokogawa continues to work 
toward a sustainable society through its 17,000+ employees in a global network 
of 122 companies spanning 61 countries. For more information, visit

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