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Mr. Tatsuya Nagasaki
Ms. Midori Morita

Kyodo is Japan’s leading news agency, providing for the vast majority of the country’s print and broadcast media. 

Subscribers to the Japanese-language news service, which offers translations in English and Chinese, include major domestic television and radio networks in addition to local newspapers with a combined circulation of approximately 21 million. 

The agency’s PR Wire became the country’s first fully fledged press release distributor when it was established in 2001 as an affiliate of JBN, an existing arm of Kyodo that converts English content to Japanese and ensures it complies with local media requirements. 

In partnership with the PR Wire, JBN now disseminates releases by email and fax to about 2600 Japanese entities that control more than 4000 media outlets.

All distributed content is posted to the Kyodo News PR Wire website, making it easily accessible to reporters, editors, businesspeople, investors and consumers.