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9th New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival Held from November 3 to 6


The New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival was held at New Chitose Airport and online for four days, from November 3 (Thursday) to 6 (Sunday), 2022.


NEW CHITOSE 2022 Signal Film:

The competition screening, which is the main event of the festival, showed 76 films selected from over 2,100 submissions. An award ceremony was held on November 6 at the Portom Hall located in the international terminal building of New Chitose Airport.

Grand Prix for Short Films: “Backflip”
Nikita Diakur, Germany & France

Japan Grand Prix: “Lawless Love”
Ryuya Suzuki, Japan

New Talent Award: “Space”
Zhong Xian, United Kingdom & Taiwan

Grand Prix for Feature Films: “My Love Affair with Marriage”
Signe Baumane, Latvia, United States & Luxembourg

Best Student Film: “Mom, What’s Up with the Dog?”
Lola Lefevre, France

Best Music Animation: “Sliver Cave”
Caibei Cai, mainland China

Kids Award & Audience Award: “A Town Called Panic: The Summer Holidays”
Vincent Patar & Stephane Aubier, France

All winning works can be found on the official festival website:

The festival held the “NEW CHITOSE AIRPORT PITCH 2022” where eight Japanese animation filmmakers made short presentations on their upcoming projects, with the festival office commending the following project.

NEW CHITOSE AIRPORT PITCH Award: “Poproy Broadcasting Station”
Project by Poproy

The archive movie of NEW CHITOSE AIRPORT PITCH 2022 will be available on the festival’s official YouTube channel until December 10.

See more details at the official website of the festival:

Source: New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival Executive Committee