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afumi inc. Launches Special Edition of MAD DOG JONES’ “TIME MAY BECOME SLIPPERY…”: Limited-time Offer Starts Nov. 16, 2023


afumi inc. has launched the artists' book-publishing label "?," read as "Symbol," and is thrilled to announce the pre-sale launch of the limited special edition of an inaugural book, "TIME MAY BECOME SLIPPERY…" created by Mad Dog Jones (MDJ), starting from November 16, 2023.

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About product
As the very first release of "?," the pre-order sale of the limited special edition of the artist's book "TIME MAY BECOME SLIPPERY…" by Mad Dog Jones (hereinafter "MDJ") is now available. This limited edition, released before the standard version of the book, is a package for those who wish to fully discover the world of MDJ and the "art" that encompasses MDJ. This package contains the standard edition of the book, scheduled for release on February 28, 2024, in a pylon-shaped bookcase devised and produced by MDJ.

For MDJ, pylons are more than just regulatory and classification signs on a construction site; they are guideposts that keep the torrent of creativity on the right track. The bookcase with its pylon is the perfect object to harbor this book, which collects MDJ's works.

Each pylon will be individually adorned by MDJ, limiting the particular version of the artist's book to 50 editions.

To immortalize the names of those who purchase the special edition by January 18, 2024, "? (Symbol)" plans to inscribe them in the art context of "TIME MAY BECOME SLIPPERY…" and has also prepared perks such as NFTs serving as certificates for the artist's book, as well as the digital version of the standard edition of the book.

Details of product
– Edition: 50 works, distressed finish
– Book size: A4-size variant
– Book weight: 2.5 kg
– Product size: H75.3 cm, W44.3 cm, D44.3 cm
– Product weight: 7.1 kg
– Crate size: H86 cm, W55.4 cm, D55.4 cm
– Total weight: 19.4 kg
– Extras: NFT certification, digital book
– Price: USD4,000

Profile of MAD DOG JONES:

About "?" project:

Source: afumi inc.

Source: afumi inc.