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Airporter and MUIC Kansai Launch Off-airport Check-in Service at Kansai International Airport

OSAKA, Japan

Airporter, Inc. and MUIC Kansai (Kansai Innovation Center) have initiated Japan's first off-airport check-in service at Kansai International Airport. The service aims to streamline the luggage process for outbound travelers, delivering luggage directly from hotels (or designated drop-off points) to departure airports in Japan and onward to international arrival airports.

Image of off-airport check-in service:

A proof of concept (PoC) project targeting JAL users departing from Kansai International Airport was successful. Airporter and MUIC Kansai plan to establish collaboration with major Asian airlines frequently used by international travelers visiting Japan in the future.

Summary of the service

Scheme of off-airport check-in service:

1. Airporter provides same-day luggage delivery between airports and hotels, expanding its service to international airports. This enables "hands-free travel" from hotels to overseas arrival airports.

2. By combining Airporter's same-day luggage delivery service with online check-in provided by airlines, this service contributes to the digitization of boarding procedures, reducing the occurrence of long queues.

3. With an eye on Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, the initial focus for implementing the service was in Osaka. A 3-month PoC demonstration was conducted starting from July 2023, targeting JAL users departing from Kansai International Airport for the verification of service operations.

Future developments

1. Airporter and MUIC Kansai plan to enhance their services aiming for full-scale expansion, with Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai in sight. The duo will start by expanding partnerships with major Asian airlines commonly used by international travelers visiting Japan.

2. Their goal is to develop dedicated equipment that can be installed in hotels, stations, and other locations. This will enable passengers to perform luggage check-in procedures at specific points within the city, allowing travelers to conveniently check in their luggage at designated locations during their journey.

For more information, please visit each official website: (Airporter, Inc.) (MUIC Kansai)

Source: Airporter, Inc.