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An artistic adventure awaits in Teamfight Tactics: Inkborn Fables available now


Teamfight Tactics: Inkborn Fables, the latest game update for Teamfight Tactics, the world’s largest PC strategy game featuring champions and items from the universe of League of Legends, is now playable on global servers. This new set transports players into a new world where myths and legends intertwine with reality and where players meet fantastical beings that bring fate and fortune. Players will experience a brand-new mechanic, Encounters, with 80 variations to mix up gameplay and a roster of 59 League of Legends champions including 2 new exclusive characters, 27 new traits, and more than 100 augments to forge a path to victory.

Watch the cinematic trailer for Teamfight Tactics: Inkborn Fables here

“Players will discover wondrous myths and legends through storied League of Legends champions in Teamfight Tactics: Inkborn Fables. We’re excited by how players have been reacting to early set content on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). We can’t wait to welcome the entire Teamfight Tactics community and anyone who loves strategy games to try out this new set,” said Lynda Tang, Set Lead Designer for Teamfight Tactics at Riot Games.

In Inkborn Fables, players will meet fantastic spirits and mythological champions in our new gameplay mechanic, Encounters. At random points in the game, players will stumble across these legendary figures. These figures will give players different bonuses or alter the game to provide some exciting surprises for players.

Teamfight Tactics: Inkborn Fables marks the debut of new champions from the League of Legends universe including a playable Alune, previously only seen in lore or as part of another champion’s abilities in League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra, and Kobuko, the Joyous Paw, a never-before-seen Yordle martial artist who will be joining not only Teamfight Tactics but the League of Legends universe.

There’s still more content to come in Teamfight Tactics: Inkborn Fables as players will be able to purchase in-game cosmetics through a new feature, the Rotating Shop, with a rotating inventory that can be purchased with a new currency earned from Treasure Realms.

“We’re always looking at ways that we can continue to deliver new twists on Teamfight Tactics for players to make sure their feedback is heard, each set comes with new surprises, and there are plenty of ways to play for anyone who loves strategy games or looking at new ways to experience the League of Legends universe,” said Peter Whalen, Game Director for Teamfight Tactics at Riot Games.  A press kit containing assets for Teamfight Tactics: Inkborn Fables is available here and information about the company can be found here.

Source: Riot Games