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Blue Star R&D Manufactures Equipment for Removing Metal Powder in Metal 3D Layered Modeling: Orders Being Accepted Now


– Equipment Utilized for Precision Cleaning of Extremely Intricate Structure of Metal 3D Laminated Molding Using Ultrasonic Power –

Blue Star R&D Co., Ltd., a company developing and manufacturing deburring and cleaning systems in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, announced on October 10 that it has manufactured and released a system for removing metal powder in the extremely complex internal structure of metal 3D laminated molding with ultrasonic power. The company has succeeded in internal precision cleaning of various metal 3D products such as engine nozzle exit parts, AM turbo machines, heat exchangers / injectors / condensers, etc.

The company has started accepting orders for two standard models, PERION-AM-20-4800×2 and PERION-AM-20-7200×2. The equipment will be delivered to customers from around January 2024. For customers who are interested in Blue Star R&D's equipment, please visit the company's official website:




About equipment
This equipment removes metal powder by placing a metal 3D laminate molding, submerged in water, between powerful ultrasonic transducers installed on both sides of an ultrasonic transducer and irradiating powerful ultrasonic waves for deburring from both sides, generating numerous spherical nebula cavities (micro vacuum nuclei) inside the molding.

The basic prototype of this device was developed to completely remove residual casting sand from cooling pipes inside engine heads for F1 racing vehicles and was later standardized as a casting sand removal device for engine heads and engine blocks of standard cars and used by various automobile manufacturers. It has now been improved and released for the removal of metal fines in the extremely complex microscopic pipe structure of metal 3D laminated molding.


About Blue Star R&D Co., Ltd.
President: Miyuki Shibano
Headquarters: 1-31-1 Yokoyamadai, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, 252-0241 JAPAN
Official website:

Source: Blue Star R&D Co., Ltd.

Source: Blue Star R&D Co., Ltd.