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CARBON FLY Launching Caltema (TM), Large-scale Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Production Facility, at ICCM 23 to Enter UK and EU Markets


CARBON FLY, Inc. is launching Caltema (TM), a large-scale carbon nanotube (CNT) production facility, at ICCM 23 (23rd International Conference on Composite Materials) in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on July 30 – August 4, 2023.

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CARBON FLY has the technology to grow CNTs with controlled length, diameter and defect density by using a CVD method. The company has just developed its manufacturing machine, which is named Caltema (TM). Its original technology called "CARBON CIRCULAR TECHNOLOGY" enables the manufacture of ultra-high-quality CNTs successively. The technology integrates all original process technologies to make CNT materials as powder, fiber and film. Its innovative mass production technology achieved an annual production capacity of the 5-ton class per year per line. This will be the first large-scale perfect qualities of individual CNT-manufacturing facilities in the industry. It could be basic raw carbon materials for the industrial society.

ICCM, a premier international conference in the field of composite materials, was first held in 1975 and it has been held biennially in cities around the world. CARBON FLY will attend ICCM 23 at ICC Belfast, Northern Ireland, as an executive partner and introduce Caltema (TM) to leading researchers and practitioners for the purpose of working together with them and expanding Caltema (TM) in Europe.

About CARBON FLY, Inc.
CARBON FLY was founded in January 2022 in Tokyo, Japan, by a materials scientist. It's a startup whose main target is the development and mass production of ultra-high-quality CNTs. CARBON FLY has succeeded in developing a technology to control and mass-produce high-quality CNTs, a longstanding issue in the CNT industry. CARBON FLY's CNTs can be formed into powder, fiber and film. It can be applied not only to conductive paste for lithium-ion batteries but also to aerospace, mobility, energy and many other fields.

Source: CARBON FLY, Inc.