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CCC Art Lab to Exhibit at “ART OnO 2024” in Seoul


TOKYO, Apr. 12, 2024 /Kyodo JBN/ —

CCC Art Lab, a division of Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd., is proud to announce its inaugural participation in the “ART OnO 2024” art fair, to be held April 19-21 in Seoul, South Korea, with an exclusive booth by TSUTAYA BOOKS.

ART OnO 2024:


Seoul has become a globally recognized art hub, with international galleries such as Lehmann Maupin, PACE, PERROTIN, and WHITE CUBE deepening their ties with the local art scene. The “ART OnO 2024,” now in its first year, is anticipated to be a precursor to Korea’s Frieze Seoul and Kiaf SEOUL, with many of its exhibitors also having showcased at Art Basel and Frieze Seoul in the past. The fair’s founder, JaeMyung Noh, is a well-known collector in South Korea, owning works by renowned artists worldwide and is regarded as one of Asia’s most notable collectors by multiple media outlets.

In October 2023, CCC Art Lab made its first international art fair debut as TSUTAYA BOOKS at Art Taipei, enhancing its presence and brand strength in the overseas art market. This led to increased promotion for contracted artists and further expansion of global sales channels. Continuing this momentum, CCC Art Lab aims to accelerate its international expansion and business growth in 2024, starting with “ART OnO 2024.”

At the TSUTAYA BOOKS booth, the company will break away from the traditional concept of bookstore exhibits at art fairs, presenting a more multifaceted view of future trends in art. Alongside a collection of vibrant artworks and related literature, it will display approximately 30 pieces from 11 artists recommended by CCC Art Lab, including Kohei Nawa, Hiroshi Mori, and Yujiro Ueno.

CCC Art Lab
CCC Art Lab is a creative collective within Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd., dedicated to proposing a lifestyle enriched with art. It believes in making art more accessible and, through its proposed “art-filled life,” aims to contribute to individual happiness and the betterment of society. Drawing on years of practical experience in store planning, art media, product development, and event production, it offers unique planning proposals that only it can provide. Please visit:

Source: Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.