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Chiba Prefectural Government Promotes Strawberry Picking Farms around Narita Airport: Online Brochure for Strawberry Picking Farms for Tourists

CHIBA, Japan

As agriculture, forestry, and fishery are major industries in Chiba Prefecture, there are many facilities offering hands-on experiences for each sector. Chiba Prefecture has published an online brochure for strawberry picking farms in the prefecture which are easily accessed from Narita International Airport.

To download brochure “Strawberry Picking Farms Easily Accessible from Narita Airport” (4P), please visit:

The brochure contains information on various strawberries and picking know-how to enjoy fresh strawberries of visitor’s choice. In addition, Chiba Prefecture warmly welcomes foreign tourists through Narita International Airport, which is located within the Prefecture.
*Farms may close early if all ripe strawberries are picked quickly for the day.

Source: Chiba Prefectural Government