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Chiba Prefecture Awards Specialty Food Prizes to 6 Products

CHIBA, Japan

The Chiba Prefectural Government and the Chiba Food Industry Liaison Council have awarded specialty food prizes to six local food products. The six products won the “Discover the Excellent Foods in CHIBA 2023” contest organized by the prefecture and the council to discover and promote attractive products from among processed foods made mainly from local agricultural and fisheries materials.

Images: 6 prize-winning products

The prefectural government will help expand the sales channels for the prize-winning products through various opportunities including its promotional events.

About prize-winning products (All prices listed below include tax.)
Gold Prize:
“Chiba-no Kodawari Pudding” (Chiba’s Quality Pudding) with peanut flavors
-Rich taste pudding with plain and peanut flavors.
-Its two-tone coloring is beautiful.
Price: JPY365 for 80g
Nanohanaegg Co., Ltd. in Kimitsu City

Silver Prize:
“Fukkura Kuromame Genmai Gohan” (Fluffy Brown Rice Boiled with Black Beans)
-Boiled in a special broth, the fluffy brown rice is accented with black beans, a specialty of the prefecture.
-Highly recommended for gifts.
Price: JPY594 for 160g
Kanetaya Co., Ltd. in Sakae Town

Bronze Prize:
Chiba Peanut Gelato
-The well-balanced tastes and flavors of peanuts and milk.
-Known for its smooth texture.
Price: JPY500 for 100g
Furindo in Kimitsu City

Jury’s Special Prizes:
Confitures “Nashikko” (Japanese pear preserves)
-Made of pears produced in Funabashi City.
-Effectively utilizing the good tastes of the raw material.
Price: JPY900 for 150g
Le Cafe de Pomme in Funabashi City

Olive oil-confit Japanese Spanish mackerel by on-board “ikejime”
-The product remains fresh and odorless because the mackerel is processed on board, ensuring the good tastes and flavors of the fish.
-Easy to use for a wide variety of dishes.
Price: JPY648 for 150g
Misuzu in Abiko City

Sudo Farm Milk
-Its wonderful taste can be enjoyed only at the farm.
-Produced with an approach to curb methane gas emissions caused by cows.
Price: JPY460 for 150 milliliters
Sudo Farm Co., Ltd. in Tateyama City

Source: Chiba Prefectural Government