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Cookpad Inc. Holding Academic Research Idea Contest to Provide Research Support on Global Cooking


– Cookpad Releases “A Global Analysis of Cooking Around the World Year 3,” Report on Global Home Cooking Based on Survey Conducted in Approximately 140 Countries, and Commits to Supporting Further Academic Research Using Survey Data –

Since 2018, Cookpad Inc. has been conducting a global survey on home cooking in collaboration with Gallup, Inc. On December 2, 2021, Cookpad and Gallup released “A Global Analysis of Cooking Around the World Year 3,” a report on the results and analysis on the 2020 survey. In conjunction with the release of the report, Cookpad has launched a research idea contest (World Cooking Index Research Idea Contest) that calls for ideas for research that further utilizes the Cookpad / Gallup survey. Winners of this contest will be offered an opportunity to access 3 years’ worth of Gallup World Poll database — the world’s largest public opinion survey — as well as financial support (total maximum value of support provided is US$20,000).



Contents of “A Global Analysis of Cooking Around the World Year 3” Report
– Trends in global home cooking and eating frequencies over the past three years
– Analysis of the impact COVID-19 has had on home cooking behavior
– Analysis of differences in home cooking behavior by area of residence, gender, education level, income and age

About the World Cooking Index Research Idea Contest
In the World Cooking Index Research Idea Contest, Cookpad is looking for academic research ideas that contribute to the rethinking of the meaning and value of food based on the three areas of personal wellness, society and environment.

Cookpad welcomes applications from individuals involved in academic research at a post-doctorate level in any field, and supervised doctoral students.
Cookpad is looking forward to receiving applications from a wide range of people, including university faculty and in-house researchers.

Ideas of research
– Region- / country-specific in-depth analysis of the survey data and identification of underlying causes of observed trends
– Relationship between frequency of home cooking and environmental sustainability
– Impact of socioeconomic factors on home cooking behavior

Review process
Applications will be reviewed by senior researchers from various fields, as well as Cookpad representative Rimpei Iwata.

– Opportunity to utilize the 2018-2020 Cookpad / Gallup World Poll database in their research projects, as well as financial support (total maximum value of US$20,000) for its completion and promotion
– Opportunity to promote research on Cookpad and Gallup websites

Application deadline
February 15, 2022

Announcement of final winners
Scheduled for early April 2022

– Application form:

– PDF (English)
Download contest brief:

Download Q&A:

Contact information
If anyone has any request for an interview, please contact Cookpad: cb[at]

About Cookpad Inc.
Cookpad Inc. is a cooking and technology company with the mission of “Make everyday cooking fun!” Cookpad provides a cooking recipe posting and search service that is used by approximately 57 million people per month in Japan and is available in 76 countries and regions around the world in 34 languages.

Company name: Cookpad Inc.
Representative: President/CEO Rimpei Iwata
Date of establishment: October 1, 1997

Source: Cookpad Inc.

Source: Cookpad Inc.