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“Crayons of the Seas” Designed by SKY Perfect JSAT Wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2023


– Unique Box of Crayons Featuring 12 Colors of Earth's Seas Captured in Satellite Images –

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (hereinafter "SKY Perfect JSAT"), based in Tokyo, was named winner of this year's iF DESIGN AWARD, the world-renowned design prize, in April. The winning product, "Crayons of the Seas," designed and produced by SKY Perfect JSAT won in the User Experience category.


Photo of Crayons of the Seas:

The iF DESIGN AWARD is organized each year by the world's oldest independent design organization, iF International Forum Design GmbH, based in Hannover, Germany, and is among the three most prestigious design awards globally, alongside the German Red Dot Design Award and the American IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards). This year, the 133-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, evaluated 11,000 entries from 56 countries in five categories: "Idea," "Form," "Function," "Differentiation" and "Impact (on society)." The Crayons of the Seas received high acclaim, not only for the design of the crayon itself and its packaging, but also for the idea and originality of expressing the colors of the world's 12 seas with the crayon, as well as the experiential value created by multiple elements such as the linkage with its official website.

More information about the Crayons of the Seas on the iF DESIGN AWARD official website:

This is the second time for the Crayons of the Seas to receive honorable international design awards, following the Red Dot Design Award in September 2022.

SKY Perfect JSAT is Asia's largest satellite operator with a fleet of 16 satellites, and Japan's only provider of both multi-channel pay-TV broadcasting and satellite communications services. The company also promotes various businesses that utilize satellite images. Its current focus is on disaster prevention forecasting, as well as other businesses that utilize photos of various locations on Earth taken from satellites.

The Crayons of the Seas consists of a total of 12 colors extracted from actual seas in 12 locations worldwide based on satellite images taken from space. Instead of naming each color, each crayon bears the latitude and longitude of where the color is from. Linked to the official website, the satellite images allow visitors to learn about the mysteries of Earth through its colors, understand why the seas of the world's countries appear as they do, and explore environmental issues like global warming.


Official website:
Official SNS accounts

Putting children's safety first, each of the Crayons of the Seas is made with carefully selected materials such as beeswax and other naturally derived materials, making them safe even if put in the mouth.


SKY Perfect JSAT plans to continue developing a series of crayons with the theme of colors, based on the treasures of Earth as seen in satellite images. The second product in the satellite crayon series, the "Crayons of the Mountains," was released in March 2023. The goal is to develop children's interest in Earth, inspiring love for the planet and fostering a desire to protect nature. The company will utilize this award as an opportunity to actively promote the overseas sales of crayons so that children around the world can learn more about Earth through the "colors of Earth."


Product Information
– Product name: Crayons of the Seas
– Content: 12 colors
– Price: 2,420 yen (incl. tax) (*1)
(*1) Part of the proceeds from the sale of the product are donated to funds supporting efforts to mitigate the effects of natural disasters as a result of climate change in the Republic of Kiribati, which is threatened by rising sea levels.

– Release date: January 31, 2022
– Ingredients: Beeswax (approx. 40% of raw materials), carnauba wax, edible oils, pigments, fish oils, and vitamins
– Packaging size: 167 mm x 100 mm x 19 mm (119 g)
– Created/sold by: SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
– Satellite photos provided by: Planet Labs Inc.

Awards (*2)
– Red Dot Design Award: Brand & Communication Design 2022
(*2) This product has also won multiple design awards in Japan.

Source: SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation