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Fujitsu Launches Automotive Grade I2C-interface 512Kbit FeRAM with 125-degree C Operation


Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution Limited announced the launch of an I2C-interface 512Kbit FeRAM with automotive grade, MB85RC512LY. Evaluation samples are currently available.


The MB85RC512LY is a non-volatile memory with 512Kbit memory density and operates at a low power supply voltage from 1.7V to 1.95V. It features extremely low operating current such as a maximum of 0.4mA at 3.4MHz operation.

This product guarantees 10 trillion read/write cycle times in the high temperature at 125 degrees C. The FeRAM product is optimal for industrial robots and automotive applications such as Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Fig.1: MB85RC512LY Packages

Fig.2: Example of FeRAM Usage (Driving Data Logging)

Since the new FeRAM has an I2C interface, customers using an I2C interface for their platform do not need major design modifications in developing an end-product by using the memory parts.

Using the above features, the new FeRAM product can solve the following issues arising from the use of memory products.

Fig.3: Customers' Issues and Solutions

The automotive-grade FeRAM family has variations of 3.3V and 1.8V operation for both I2C- and SPI-interface products. With the launch of MB85RC512LY, the AEC-Q100 compliant FeRAM family has added 7 new products since the last year. In addition, 4 new types of 1Mbit products are currently under development.

Fig.4: Automotive-grade FeRAM Lineup

Fujitsu believes that the required memory density needs to be varied because applications sought by customers are diverse. Fujitsu will continue to provide optimal memory products and solutions to enhance the value and convenience of customer applications.

About Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution Limited
Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution focuses on high-quality and highly reliable non-volatile memory like Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FeRAM) and Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM). Headquartered in Yokohama, it was established as a subsidiary of Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited on March 31, 2020. Through its global sales and development network, with sites in Japan and throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas, the company offers semiconductor memory solutions to the global marketplace.

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Source: Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution Limited