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Hayashibara Brings Back “Trehalose Symposium” to Reveal Its Game-changing Versatilities in Human Biochemistry


Hayashibara Co., Ltd., a member of Nagase Group and headquartered in Okayama City, western Japan, hosted the 24th Trehalose Symposium, with the support of the Japanese Society of Applied Glycoscience, on September 8, 2022.


This highly specialized academic event returned to Tokyo after a three-year hiatus, engaging 231 attendees in person and online from various fields. Researchers from home and abroad presented their basic and applied research results on trehalose. The presentations included the development of a vaccine stabilization method that holds promise for transport without the need for a cold chain, basic research on how trehalose affects ice crystal growth to identify improved thawing techniques for cryopreserved biological tissues, and research on the application of trehalose to surgical treatment, utilizing autophagy (recycling function within cells), featured in the 2016 Nobel Prizes.

During a discussion session, followed by the presentations, Japanese experts shared their viewpoints on why and how most organisms utilize trehalose over other carbohydrates. At the end of the session, the speakers addressed their prospects and expectations for future research and development while indicating the importance of basic research.

Hayashibara is dedicated to continuing the Trehalose Symposium, providing a community for researchers worldwide to present their findings and obtain beneficial information by interacting with peers. Through its commitment to basic research for trehalose, Hayashibara envisions the Trehalose Symposium to contribute to building a sustainable society.

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About the Trehalose Symposium
Founded in 1997, the Trehalose Symposium has been promoting research and development activities for trehalose while assisting researchers in publicizing their discoveries. For the last 20 years, 187 researchers with multi-disciplinary scientific backgrounds have presented the properties of trehalose and its functionalities.

About Trehalose
Trehalose, found in food items like mushrooms, is a naturally occurring disaccharide long known for its biochemical effect on protecting cells and tissues under dry conditions. Studies have revealed that trehalose’s physicochemical properties, such as water binding and vitrification, are behind the protective functionality. The development of applied research empowered the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries to utilize trehalose in their commercial products.

Source: Hayashibara Co., Ltd.