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id10 japan Accepts Pre-orders for Subscription Sake Service KURA-ONE with Its Original 180ml Aluminum Sake Can


– KURA-ONE Can Be Ordered from 100 Countries and Regions –

id10 japan corporation will launch “KURA-ONE,” a new subscription service for Japanese sake in fall/winter 2022, and the company is now accepting pre-registrations for the service, which can be ordered from 100 countries and regions. With 180ml can made of a recyclable material, it offers a set of limited editions of sake selected based on a monthly concept to those who are interested in and want to experience real sake and Japanese culture via subscriptions. It will also offer assorted gift sets that will combine sake with Japanese craft products and other items.

To pre-register, please visit:



The concept of KURA-ONE is “story and taste.” id10 japan familiarizes itself with various high quality sake, knows their origins and the reasons for choosing them and tells the story as it promotes them to the world. Because there are tens of thousands of sake brands in Japan, it is difficult for customers to find a perfect sake. KURA-ONE collaborates with award-winning sake breweries in Japan and abroad to offer a variety of sake and tasting experiences. Customers can take various taste journeys to find a most suitable sake.

As the company was considering the final design of the KURA-ONE can, lowering the cost for the consumer was a primary goal while providing sustainability and an attractive design featuring traditional Japanese elements. The final choice was a recyclable aluminum material which is lighter and less expensive than glass, and it weighs only 196g for 180ml sake. The KURA-ONE can prevents ultraviolet and fluorescent light which lower the quality of sake. KURA-ONE also places the importance on a visually appealing design to attract and excite customers even before they taste the product.

By placing visual information on the back of the can about each sake coupled with a QR code, customers can find interesting and important information about the sake, including its origin as well as the tasting experiences of customers and fans of the brewery. If KURA-ONE tasters and customers want to “post comments,” “learn more about the product,” “buy a larger size,” they can scan the QR code on the KURA-ONE label to access the smartphone application and find all necessary information.

*The company is accepting pre-registrations to offer a 15% special discount before the service’s launch in fall/winter 2022.
To pre-register KURA-ONE, please visit:

About id10 japan corporation
Founded by Katsunari Sawada in 2008, as part of “Japanpage: project,” id10 japan corporation is making its efforts on “delivery” by doing its best to distribute Japanese sake around the world in small quantities and communicate with untapped markets using smartphone applications.

Source: id10 japan corporation