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Imperial Hotel, Tokyo Offering Frank Lloyd Wright (R) Suite in Celebration of 100th Anniversary of Opening of Wright Building


Tokyo’s world-famous, 132-year-old Imperial Hotel, Tokyo is now celebrating the 100th anniversary of the opening of its second main building (commonly known as the Wright Building) designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. To celebrate the anniversary, the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, is offering an exclusive Frank Lloyd Wright (R) Suite stay available from January 24, 2023, to March 31, 2024 (special periods such as New Year’s Day are excluded).


The Frank Lloyd Wright (R) Suite is a 214-square-meter (2,303-square-feet) luxury suite featuring original designs and architectural motifs from its world-renowned 1923-1967 Frank Lloyd Wright hotel building and other landmark Wright structures. To be marketed as the Frank Lloyd Wright (R) Suite, the JPY1,400,000 or approximately USD10,850 (as of January 20, 2023, exchange rate) per night accommodation overlooks Hibiya Park and Imperial Palace gardens in central Tokyo from a higher floor of the hotel’s main building and houses a living room, a dining room and a bedroom (consumption tax and service charge included, accommodation tax excluded). By using the Imperial Floor Deluxe Twin connecting room adjacent to the suite, guests can use these accommodations for up to four people at one time (JPY1,410,000 for three persons and JPY1,420,000 for four persons).

The Frank Lloyd Wright (R) Suite is the only suite in the world to bear the name of the U.S. architect under a name use agreement with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation of the United States. The Frank Lloyd Wright (R) Suite incorporates the design of the former Wright Building of the Imperial Hotel, using Wright’s original carpets, furniture and lighting, as well as the design of his private residence in the United States, and reconstructs them in a hotel room. Upon entering the room, one can feel Wright’s unique compression and release techniques. The walls of the entrance foyer are decorated with reliefs of Oya stone, reproduced from designs from the Wright Building, and the carpets are based on the design sketches Wright drew when he created the Wright Building. Wright’s designs are used throughout the building, including as wall decorations, ceiling moldings, furniture, and lamps. In addition to the decorations and furniture design, the suite also captures the flow of light and air, rather than confining them to a single space, with latticework on some walls and glass and air passageways in the doors, allowing the room space itself to reflect the life of Wright.

The suite opened in 2005. This is the first time it will be offered in an exclusive stay; the package includes daily breakfast, in-room check-in and check-out, and guest attendant service. The hotel’s exclusive concierge service will assist patrons with their trip from the moment they make their reservation. One drink service is available daily at the Old Imperial Bar, which includes the original 1923 Wright design. Also included is tea service in the Toko-an, a tea ceremony room designed by Togo Murano, an architect famous for his sukiya-style work (Japanese architectural style). An all-you-can-drink minibar with seasonal domestic juice, beer, wine, whiskey and Japanese sake is included. Usage of the laundry, pool and fitness center is available.

Living Room:


Dining Area:

In 2023, the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Wright Building, the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo started marketing Wright Building-related exhibits and products in addition to accommodations in the Frank Lloyd Wright (R) Suite.

Old Imperial Bar
A patrician salute to the hotel’s architectural heritage of Frank Lloyd Wright, with fascinating motifs from the 1923 Imperial Hotel and masterfully concocted spirits from around the world, the Old Imperial Bar offers two original cocktails selected in an in-house competition to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Under the theme of the Jewel of the Orient, the Imperial Hotel held a competition in cocktail and non-alcohol categories. “LUGEND” was chosen as the best cocktail. (*LUGEND is a coined word that combines Lux in Latin and Legend in English). This is a cocktail that expresses the connection between the United States, the birthplace of Frank Lloyd Wright, and Japan by combining American bourbon whisky with amazake, which is a sweet, fermented drink well-known in Japan. The price is JPY2,640 (consumption tax included, service charge excluded). In the non-alcoholic category, a cocktail named “Gratitude for 100 years” was created, flavored with peach and cherry blossom syrup. Soy milk is used so that patrons with various food cultures and backgrounds can enjoy the service. The price is JPY2,200 (consumption tax included, service charge excluded).

Two Original Cocktails, LUGEND and Gratitude for 100 years (from Right):

Old Imperial Bar:

Hotel Delicatessen
Gargantua, the hotel delicatessen with an array of beautiful and delicious delicacies made with great care by the Imperial Hotel’s artisans, offers a very rare cookie can designed using the design of a pamphlet created by Kenichi Shigeoka, who was commissioned to create a mural for the “Peacock Room” banquet hall in the Wright Building. The price is JPY4,320 (consumption tax included).

Wright Imperial Anniversary Cookies:

“Imperial Times” Exhibition
In the exhibition space “Imperial Times” on the 1st floor of the main building, “The Wright Imperial; a Century and Beyond” is on display. It introduces the exquisite architectural beauty of the Wright Building, and the culture of the Imperial Hotel that has been created and passed on through the Wright Building. In addition to a reprint of the uniforms of room attendants of the time, the exhibition will also introduce the Japanese who supported the Wright Building (architect Arata Endo and painter Kenichi Shigeoka), as well as the furniture and furnishings used in the Wright Building. Guests can also note the demise of the Wright Building, the birth of the current main building, and a perspective of the new main building scheduled to be reconstructed from 2031 under the concept of the Jewel of the Orient, which represents the Wright Building.

Exhibition Space “Imperial Times”:

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Source: Imperial Hotel, Ltd.

Source: Imperial Hotel, Ltd.