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Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings and Nomura Real Estate Development Hold Grand Opening Ceremony on July 21 for “MITSUKOSHI BGC,” Commercial Facility in Manila, Philippines


Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. and Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., both based in Tokyo, held a grand opening ceremony on July 21 for "MITSUKOSHI BGC," a shopping mall constituting part of a large-scale, mixed-use residential and commercial development project being pursued in partnership with leading Philippine developer Federal Land, Inc., in Manila, Philippines.


The ceremony was held in an atmosphere with a touch of Japan's seasonal festival "matsuri." The event included a performance of Japanese drums as well as a performance of Japanese calligraphy. Based on the concept of "NEXT MANILA LIFESTYLE," MITSUKOSHI BGC will continue striving to make the mall a place that enriches daily lives of visitors and residential tower residents.

Grand opening remarks
– Toshiyuki Hosoya, Director, President and CEO, Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings
"I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone for their efforts in this project. This year marks the 350th anniversary of Mitsukoshi. Since its founding in 1673, Mitsukoshi has continued innovation to enrich daily lives of our customers. Our policy is characterized by two features: hospitality (customer-first principle) and partnership (win-win relationship), and in the Philippines, we will maintain this business philosophy for our customers and business partners. I am certain that a new sensation takes hold as you visit MITSUKOSHI BGC after enjoying a shopping experience at Mitsukoshi and Isetan department stores in Japan. I hope you will share our belief that we are proposing a culture, not products."

– Eiji Kutsukake, Chair and Director of Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc.
"We participated in this project as I was fascinated by the encounter in 2015 with Mr. Alfred V. Ty and his passion for the project as well as the growing power of the Philippines, and we have worked on the project with a belief that our knowledge and know-how cultivated in Japan can be applied overseas. I am pleased with this project in the Philippines; for example, we finally held a grand opening ceremony after eight years of effort; we won multiple awards for our residential project in the last few years; sales of the last residential tower started and are progressing steadily. We will endeavor to enable MITSUKOSHI BGC to establish a unique position as a Japanese entity, to gain familiarity among locals, and to contribute extensively to the development of BGC and other areas across the Philippines."

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