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ISF NET Establishes Singapore Office as It Seeks to Strengthen IT Talent in Asia


– GLOBAL ISF PTE. LTD. to Bolster ISF NET, INC's Regional Presence and Support Its Ambitions in Global Expansion –

ISF NET, INC., a leading Japanese IT services and staffing company, announced on December 7 the establishment of GLOBAL ISF PTE. LTD. in Singapore as it eyes greater business expansion in the Asian region.


As part of its expansion into Singapore, ISF NET will invest approximately USD13.5 million (2 billion yen) in the venture, setting a sales target of USD20.3 million (3 billion yen) for the global business. The company aims to hire 150 employees by 2030 to bolster its support for clients in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia.

With over two decades of industry experience and with offices in Japan, China and South Korea, ISF NET's entry into Singapore marks a significant step towards strengthening its position in Asia. More significantly, this move represents a strategic shift in ISF NET's focus of services from Japan to the global market.

"As a renowned international talent hub, Singapore offers an ideal gateway for multinational companies aiming to grow in Asia," said Yukiyoshi Watanabe, President and CEO, ISF NET, INC. "I am confident that our foray into Singapore will further strengthen our presence in the region and empower clients with tailored IT infrastructure solutions to help them navigate and succeed in a region as diverse as Asia."

Business Strategy in Singapore
ISF NET's business strategy will focus on providing IT engineering HR support for companies in Singapore and recruiting Japanese-English and Korean-English speaking bilingual IT infrastructure engineers. The engineers will be hired from Singapore and other parts of Asia and will be staffed to IT infrastructure projects in Japan and Korea.

"ISF NET's expansion into Singapore underscores our commitment to uplifting engineering talent across Asia through cross-border knowledge sharing. In tandem with this, we aim to foster a globally connected workforce and alleviate the hiring and skills challenges faced by our clients across Asia," said Kohei Wakamoto, Managing Director of GLOBAL ISF PTE. LTD.

The company aims to address the increasing scarcity of IT talent in Singapore by growing its IT infrastructure-managed service business, IT talent recruitment and IT talent staffing business. This will connect local engineers eager to enhance their skills through overseas projects with companies which are actively seeking bilingual experts.

By fostering collaboration with highly skilled engineers in Singapore and across Asia, ISF NET is committed to delivering advanced projects and cutting-edge technology solutions. As part of future initiatives, ISF NET aims to facilitate remote work for individuals who have relocated from overseas, fostering a flexible and globally connected workforce.

In addition, ISF NET will focus on developing key partnerships with Japanese and Korean companies which are looking to expand in Asia but lack the know-how, resources and talent to do so. Leveraging its decades of experience in IT staffing solutions, ISF NET will support these companies in actively recruiting bilingual engineers to strengthen business partnerships within region. This will help solve challenges faced by these companies, namely the increased difficulty in hiring bilingual IT infrastructure engineers and alleviation of the additional burden on current employees.

Across Asia, ISF NET will provide IT infrastructure services related to cloud, security, and networking, particularly for businesses facing challenges in their digital transformation journey related to human resources, skills, and environmental improvement.

Mr. Kazunori Ikeda, Regional Chief Technology Officer, KDDI Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., agrees. "KDDI Asia Pacific provides IT solutions in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. As all our staff work together as one team across borders to contribute to the further growth of our customers' businesses, the field where highly skilled engineers play an active role is expanding even more," he said. "In this market environment, we are pleased and reassured that ISF NET is initiating the business of introducing bilingual IT infrastructure engineer talents in Singapore. We have entrusted ISF NET with the operational outsourcing of part of KDDI Asia Pacific's services and are highly satisfied. We hope for the continued success and growth of ISF NET's business."

ISF NET is an IT infrastructure company with approximately 2,000 engineers providing solutions for cloud, server, network security, and other IT infrastructure needs. The company operates 15 offices throughout Japan, with additional offices in China and Korea.

– Representative: President Yukiyoshi Watanabe (Representative of ISF NET GROUP)
– Head office: 3F Oak Akasaka Building, 7-1-16 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
– Established: January 12, 2000
– Capital: 100 million yen
– Number of employees: 2,460 (as of July 1, 2023), group total 2,578
– Sales: 14.1 billion yen (group total)

Source: ISF NET, INC.

Source: ISF NET, INC.