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Japan Aqua Sommelier Association to Hold “JAPAN AQUA AWARDS 2022” to Promote Water-related Products and Services


The Japan Aqua Sommelier Association (JASA) will hold “JAPAN AQUA AWARDS 2022 (JAA2022),” a competition aimed at enhancing the public’s awareness of high-quality water and helping producers and dealers of award-winning products gain acclaim that they can be proud of. The association started accepting entries for the competition on March 1, and applications will be accepted until May 15.

For the English-language entry form and how to apply to participate, please visit the following website:


JAA is Japan’s first water accreditation system, organized by the JASA, and is a competition focusing on water to allow producers and dealers to raise their name recognition, expand their sales networks and reconfirm the quality of their products. Aqua sommeliers will mainly conduct initial screening of products submitted for the competition and a team of judges, mostly comprising master aqua sommeliers, will conduct final screening.

Following strict screening by aqua sommeliers, platinum (grand-prix), gold and silver award-winning products are selected. The winning products will be awarded quality-guarantee labels, which the organizers hope will contribute to increasing a sense of security among consumers. Three European makers of water products participated in the past competitions.


JAA2022 introduces an example of this year’s award participants. “Oku-Aizu Kaneyama Natural Sparkling Water (Harves Co., Ltd.)” is “the only” natural sparkling soft water in Japan. The product is characterized by its fine bubbles and used at Michelin-starred restaurants and international conferences as tabletop water for foreign dignitaries. The glass bottle has a distinctive design emblazoned with classic Japanese pattern “Seigaiha Wave” and “Rising Sun.”


Source: Japan Aqua Sommelier Association (JASA)