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Japanese Government’s Official E-magazine, “KIZUNA,” Features G7 Summit 2023, Instrument Inspection Automated by “Kosen” Startup, Unique Technology “BodySharing,” and Spring Scenes


The latest issue of the Government of Japan’s official e-magazine, “KIZUNA,” features Hiroshima’s preparation for the G7 Summit in May; Japan’s kosen, or education institutions that train creative engineers; the unique technology of experience BodySharing; and beautiful photos of spring in Japan.



– G7 Summit 2023 Welcomed by All Hiroshima
The Hiroshima governor talks of the enthusiasm for hosting the G7 Summit in a place symbolizing global peace.

– Kosen Startup Automates Instrument Inspection
Kosen, Japan’s unique education institutions that train practical and creative engineers, produced the startup IntegrAI.

– BodySharing: Transmitting the Experience of Proprioception
A Japanese researcher and entrepreneur is developing a technology that transmits deep sensations to realize the sharing of experiences.

– The Delights of Spring, the Blessings of Spring
Enjoy spring in Japan — beautiful cherry blossoms in Miyajima, the fresh scent of new tea around Mt. Fuji, and the savor of edible wild plants.

About “KIZUNA”
Kizuna means the enduring bonds between people — close relationships forged through mutual trust and support. The kizuna cultivated among countries of the world have the power to deepen cooperation for a better future. By reporting on a wide variety of topics concerning Japan, “KIZUNA” hopes that this publication will provide opportunities for Japan and the rest of the world to connect and build strong kizuna.

Source: Cabinet Public Affairs Office, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan

Source: Cabinet Public Affairs Office, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan