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Komy to Put on Sale in U.S. New Models of World’s First Flat and Wide-view KomyMirror as Safety Mirrors for Building Corridors


Komy Co., Ltd., headquartered in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, will commence the sale of new safety mirrors, the KomyMirror FT model series, in the United States for the prevention of building corridor collisions.


The new lineup of safety mirrors for buildings is intended to prevent collisions in the corridors of offices as well as those at public and commercial facilities. These mirror products are popular in Japan as many industrial buildings and hospitals use them. There is demand for more than 2,000 units per year. In the United States, convex mirrors are commonly installed to prevent accidents caused by collisions in industrial buildings and hospitals. However, convex mirrors are typically installed at the ceiling level and can be inconvenient to use them. KomyMirrors are placed at eye level, and so the line of sight is convenient and easier to view.


Komy is the manufacturer of KomyMirror, the world’s first flat mirror with a wide view to eliminate blind spots. Since 1997, Komy has shipped over 550,000 mirrors to airlines around the world, including Boeing and Airbus.

In the near future, Komy will be marketing these mirrors directly to property owners, building management companies, hospitals, schools, and other industrial and public facilities. Komy will also be actively seeking sales agents and distribution companies in the United States.

Source: Komy Co., Ltd.

Source: Komy Co., Ltd.