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Launch of “Pareal” Apparel Brand to Learn and Donate to Wear


– Product with NFT Available Only to Those Who Donate –

Pareal Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, is pleased to announce that 250 T-shirts of its new brand “Pareal” will be sold exclusively on its official e-commerce site. Pareal is an apparel brand launched in 2022 with the mission of “creating a world where each person supports and shines beyond all barriers such as religion, nationality, and race.”

Pareal’s logo:

Design of T-shirts:

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What are the differences between Pareal and other brands?
(1) A new apparel brand that you can only buy if you learn and donate
Pareal is a brand that is dedicated to building a strong community where people can learn about, donate and discuss solutions to various issues around the world, such as the Ukraine-Russia conflict and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Pareal will be the uniform of a community. Community members will wear Pareal to infuse new people and build a strong community. The community will decide how the donation will be used.

(2) NFT included
One NFT is included per piece of Pareal clothing. Each NFT has its own serial number and is unique in the world. Pareal believes that this is a way to break away from apparel as a consumable item, as the NFT is attached to the apparel as a set, guaranteeing its value and proving its authenticity.

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(3) High-quality and high-cost rate
Pareal’s T-shirts are made from 100% high-quality organic cotton and printed by a factory with a dye filtration system. Customers will notice the difference when holding it in their hands. Pareal will reduce the brand’s advertising costs and invest in promoting the brand’s social significance and reducing environmental impact.

Pre-sale will start on December 7, 2022 at 14:00 (UTC)

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Source: Pareal Inc.

Source: Pareal Inc.