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LOY inc. Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for VTuber Group “Production kawaii” via Kickstarter


– All “kawaii” Members Willing to Become 3D Idols to Extend Their Field of Activities –

LOY inc., based in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, announced the launch of a “kawaii idol project” on April 28, 2022, to enhance its musical activities. On the same day, the company started a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of hosting a live performance with 3D models of its affiliated VTubers.


Purpose of crowdfunding campaign
Currently, all of the “kawaii-affiliated” VTubers, delivering “kawaii” to the world every day, are in the 2D world. This crowdfunding campaign aims to offer 3D models to all of them so that they can become idols and provide enjoyable experiences to not only the current fans, but also other audiences who haven’t heard of “kawaii.”

Moreover, LOY has chosen the method of crowdfunding as it had a strong desire to create the next step for its VTubers with the fans who have supported its production for the past year. The company hopes that fans can support their idol activities as part of “Team kawaii” as if you were their producers.

Why are 3D models essential for idol project?
Idols of “Production kawaii” are currently expanding their activities based on online streaming not only to make their fans smile, but also to deliver “kawaii” to more individuals throughout the world. Therefore, LOY thought it should not stay in the world of the Internet.

In the 2D world that they live in presently, they can’t dance in front of fans. They are already full of “kawaii-ness,” so it’s such a waste to keep it as it is. Therefore, for sure 3D models are necessary for the performances, such as dancing and singing, in order to enjoy time with fans and deliver more of “kawaii” to the world.

Crowdfunding overview
Project page:

Period: 40 days from April 28, 10 a.m. JST (April 27, 6 p.m. PDT)
Target amount: 10,000,000JPY
*All 8 VTubers’ 3D models will be produced by character designer Pompucho ( ).

Examples of rewards limited to crowdfunding only
-Donator’s name on the credit line at the end of YouTube video (to be released in February 2023)
-Invitation to 1-on-1 talk session with “kawaii” VTuber
-Voting privilege to pick a center for the 1st original song as an idol group
-Original merchandise (can badges or pinback buttons, acrylic standees, autographed postcards, etc.)
*Rewards may vary by pledged amount.

What is “Production kawaii”?
“Production kawaii” is a VTuber production launched on April 28, 2021. Currently, a total of 8 VTubers are delivering cute and entertaining content in English.

URL of “Production kawaii” VTubers:

Company information
Company name: LOY inc.
CEO: Kyosuke Kinoshita
Business description: VTuber management

Source: LOY inc.

Source: LOY inc.