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Mediscience Espoir Inc. Looking for OEM Customers, Technical Business Partners and Sales Agents for Oxygen Clathrate Hydrates and Oxygen Solutions


Mediscience Espoir Inc. announced on April 19 that it is looking for U.S. partners for oxygen clathrate hydrates and oxygen solutions based on its proprietary technology. The company obtained “Substance Patent” in the United States (US 10,913,037 B2) in February 2021 for oxygen clathrate and oxygen solutions containing the same, with the patent used for producing oxygen delivery water “WOX (R)” (*).

(*) WOX (R) oxygen delivery water is revolutionary liquid which can deliver oxygen into the human body.



– Invention of oxygen clathrate hydrate and oxygen solution
Oxygen is dissolved and stabilized in pure water as an oxygen clathrate hydrate by the company’s special technology. Oxygen clathrate hydrate is epoch-making substance that can help the human body replenish oxygen by drinking. Oxygen can be delivered into the human body by the technology, without using lungs. Oxygen delivery water, called WOX (R), has been sold in Japan (17 fl oz. /$5). The cumulative sales are over 3.5 million bottles in 8 years, and the repeat customer rate is over 90%.

– Oxygen clathrate hydrate technology can be used in various fields:
Cosmetics, supplements, drinks, pets, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, aquaculture, eco-friendly products, etc.

About Mediscience Espoir Inc.
Since 2004, Mediscience Espoir has been developing new technologies which can be used for various revolutionary products from consumer products to pharmaceuticals. It has received over 20 patents with the following three technologies:
– Vaccination technology
– Gas-liquid fusion technology
– Nano-metal stabilization technology
By incorporating one or more of these technologies into the process or product, the possibilities for improvement are infinite.

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Source: Mediscience Espoir Inc.

Source: Mediscience Espoir Inc.