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MIPI Camera SerDes Starter Kit from THine Electronics Does Away with Need for Development or Environmental Setup


– Long-distance Transmission Possible with Image Output from Very Beginning –

THine Electronics, Inc. released an instructional video with Korean subtitles for the company’s MIPI* Camera SerDes Starter Kit in March 2023. The starter kit, available since February 2023, helps to accelerate the development of systems that transmit images from embedded cameras such as AI cameras and streaming cameras for industrial use, dramatically shortening the period needed for their design.
* “MIPI” is a registered trademark of MIPI Alliance, Inc.


AI cameras are increasingly utilized in industrial settings. However, a significant amount of time was usually required to develop a system that enabled images to be transmitted over long distances, a challenge when deploying high-resolution cameras in industrial settings. The kit, now on offer, resolves this issue by making it possible to transmit moving images in four different resolutions, from 1.3 million pixels to 8 million pixels, over a maximum distance of 15 meters, dramatically shortening the time required to design a system prototype.


By connecting the camera module to the transmitter board and the specified grabber board (the device that captures the images) to the receiver board, and connecting the transmitter and receiver boards with an Ethernet cable, users can start evaluating SerDes in an environment with image output from the very beginning, without having to spend time developing hardware or developing or setting up the environment for software.


When transitioning to a mass production design, too, the kit provides reference circuit schematics, reference values for initial register settings that connect the image transmitter and receiver boards, and a separately provided GUI tool (a register setup tool that employs a graphical user interface for intuitive operation), all of which significantly reduce the design and development times needed for transition to mass production and enable faster digital transformation (DX) implementation in industrial settings.

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