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Mixed Bathing World Executive Committee Hosts “TAMAE HIROKAWA in BEPPU” “Tetsuya Umeda ‘0 Tai’ 2021-2022” in Beppu

BEPPU, Japan

– Online Viewing Also Available for HIROKAWA’s Works through March 31 –

Once a year “Mixed Bathing World Executive Committee,” named with a wish for multicultural coexistence, hosts an art festival featuring an exhibition by a guest artist in Beppu, Oita Prefecture. This year an exhibition by fashion designer Tamae Hirokawa titled “TAMAE HIROKAWA in BEPPU” is ongoing through February 13. The online gallery is available to view through March 31.

Photo1: “TAMAE HIROKAWA in BEPPU” key visual

Photo2: “TAMAE HIROKAWA in BEPPU” Matsuri

Throughout the history of humanity, in times of plague, natural disasters and other hardships, humans have offered prayers to the gods and held “Matsuri” (sacred rituals) to ward off disasters. Hirokawa has thus chosen “Matsuri” as her theme. The exhibition is composed of “Matsuri” and displays the costumes worn during the “Matsuri.” They were carefully designed by Hirokawa according to the tradition and local culture. The recorded “Matsuri” and talk events are available on the official website.

Dates: Through February 13, 2022 (closed on Tuesdays)
*The online gallery can be viewed through March 31.
Location: Multiple locations in Kannawa district and online
Admission: Free
Organizer: Mixed Bathing World Executive Committee

Simultaneous Opening: “Tetsuya Umeda ‘0 Tai’ 2021-2022”

Photo3 & 4: “Tetsuya Umeda ‘0 Tai’ 2021-2022” various locations

“Tetsuya Umeda in BEPPU ‘0 Tai'” from 2020, which takes place at various locations in Beppu, has been renewed for another showing. This year an English version with the original cast was unveiled, as well as a book. This has facilitated an even deeper and diverse experience of the exhibition.

Event Outline
Dates: Through February 13, 2022 (closed on Tuesdays)
Location: Multiple locations in Beppu / Bluebird Theater, 3F, Flex Hall
Admission: Free, by reservation

About “in BEPPU”
The Beppu Contemporary Art Festival “Mixed Bathing World” had been held once every three years beginning in 2009. Starting in 2016, its successor, “in BEPPU,” has been held annually. The festival showcases a solo exhibition by an international artist who is invited to Beppu to develop an art project inspired by local surroundings. This year marks the sixth in the “in BEPPU” series. Previous festivals welcomed artist (me) (2016), Tatsu Nishino (2017), Anish Kapoor (2018), Kotaro Sekiguchi (2019) and Tetsuya Umeda (2020).

Source: Mixed Bathing World Executive Committee