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NAGASE, Zeroboard to Collaborate with Logistics Platform Startup in Vietnam, Aiming to Improve Logistics Efficiency and Reduce GHG Emissions with Digital Tech


To improve logistics efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Vietnam through digital transformation (DX), NAGASE & CO., LTD. (hereinafter “NAGASE”) and Zeroboard Inc., both based in Tokyo, have entered a business agreement with LOGIVAN VIETNAM TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, LTD. (hereinafter “LOGIVAN”), a startup engaged in a business-to-business logistics platform business in Vietnam. To reduce GHG emissions, they will collaborate in using the cloud-based “zeroboard” service for GHG emission calculation and visualization developed by Zeroboard Inc. This project, designed to improve logistics efficiency and reduce GHG emissions in Vietnam, was selected as a project for the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Asia Digital Transformation (ADX) Promotion Program which supports joint projects between ASEAN and Japan (*).

The logistics infrastructure in Vietnam is inadequate, with inefficient deliveries being made by sole proprietors and small-scale businesses, as well as being behind on digitalization. Corporate logistics are said to account for 10% of Scope 3 GHG emissions, and with Vietnam having committed to carbon neutrality at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), reducing those emissions is an urgent task for the country.

By working together with LOGIVAN, which runs a platform business including a matching app for shippers and transport operators, NAGASE, which is expanding its businesses in Vietnam (mainly chemicals, plastics, and food), will work towards reducing costs and GHG emissions by digitalizing logistics data in order to optimize factors such as routes and loads. The service will initially be implemented mainly for NAGASE’s Vietnamese subsidiary Nagase Vietnam Co., Ltd. and its clients.

At the same time, by calculating and visualizing GHG emissions for client companies’ activities as a whole through the use of the zeroboard service, optimal solutions will be provided for reducing GHG emissions.

NAGASE and Zeroboard Inc. are supporting decarbonization efforts by businesses by providing zeroboard not only in Japan, but in other Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. Through efficient and precise visualization of emissions, and proposals for reduction based on issues unique to each country and region, a sustainable cooperative framework will be made aiming for carbon neutrality in Japan and abroad.

(*) This program, inaugurated under the FY2021 supplementary budget, is carried out by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), based on contributions to the AEM-METI Economic and Industrial Cooperation Committee (AMEICC), with JETRO acting as the program secretariat by calling for submissions, selecting projects, and providing support to implement projects. This program supports pilot projects contributing to solving societal issues in ASEAN countries, taking advantage of the technology and know-how of Japanese companies while collaborating with ASEAN companies.

Functions and Features of GHG Emissions Calculation and Visualization Cloud Service zeroboard:
A cloud-based service for calculating and visualizing GHG emissions from corporate activities and originating from the supply chain, based on the GHG Protocol (*1) international standards.


– Calculations of GHG emissions by product or service, and of supply chain emissions (Scope 1 to 3 (*2)), which require vast amounts of data processing

– With a highly legible dashboard, the service has GHG emission reduction management and cost-performance simulation functions

– In addition to international disclosure formats such as for the GHG Protocol, output also available in report formats matching Japanese environmental laws

– User-friendly controls requiring no specialized knowledge

– Validity confirmed by international review and certification organization (verification based on ISO14064-3 (*3))

(*1) International standards for calculating and reporting GHG emissions
(*2) Categories for the scope of calculating and reporting GHG emissions for business operators (Scope 1: Direct GHG emissions from the company’s business activities, Scope 2: Indirect GHG emissions from using electricity, heat, or steam provided by another company, Scope 3: Other supply chain GHG emissions related to business activities not covered by the first two)
(*3) ISO14064-3: Principles and guidance for verifying and validating GHG statements, established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

– Overview of LOGIVAN


(2) Head Office: Lot 10, Floor 3, D2, Giang Vo, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
(3) Representative: CEO & Founder Linh Pham
(4) Established: November 2017
(5) Business Overview: Running matching applications between shippers and transport operators
(6) URL: (in Vietnamese)

– Overview of Zeroboard Inc.


(1) Company Name: Zeroboard Inc.
(2) Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo
(3) Representative: Representative Director Michitaka Tokeiji
(4) Established: August 2021
(5) Business Overview: Development and provision of GHG emission calculation and
visualization cloud service zeroboard, electricity/environmental value consulting, branding/campaign support
(6) URL: (in Japanese)

– Overview of NAGASE


(1) Company Name: NAGASE & CO., LTD.
(2) Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(3) Representative: Representative Director and President Kenji Asakura
(4) Established: June 1832
(5) Business Overview: Import/export and domestic sales of chemicals, plastics, electronics materials, cosmetics and health foods
(6) URL:

Source: NAGASE & CO., LTD., Zeroboard Inc.