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New Pokemon Special Menu at PRONTO: Original Goods, Pokemon Decorations at Main Locations, and Menu Items Commemorating Release of “Detective Pikachu Returns” Game


PRONTO Corporation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "PRONTO"), based in Tokyo, started to sell Pokemon special menu items and original goods at PRONTO locations (*) throughout Japan during cafe time (excluding breakfast service hours) from October 12 (Thursday) to December 10 (Sunday). In addition, there will be special menu items and original goods to commemorate the release of the "Detective Pikachu Returns" Nintendo Switch game.
(*) Some PRONTO locations have different prices and do not provide certain services. Also, the prices listed include tax. Tax-included prices differ when ordered as takeout.



During this campaign period, PRONTO will serve various autumn menu items with images of Pokemon (3 special drinks and 4 food items, including pasta, a sandwich, and sweets). Special Pokemon and autumn decorations will also be on display at 5 main PRONTO locations. Fans will very much enjoy this. So please watch for the interior decorations together with the special menu.

Menu in English and Chinese:

Open the link here for details on this Pokemon promotional event

PRONTO will continue its expansion throughout Japan to provide convenient spaces which serve seasonal drinks and sweets as well as such items as pasta dishes and alcoholic beverages and where working people can visit at any time.

PRONTO strives to be a place to enjoy — GREAT GOOD PLACE.
With the dual function of "cafe by day, bar by night" as its motto, PRONTO provides a convenient space where working people can stop by at any time. Whether it is for a community of people to gather in as a cafe space before work or during a break, or for easily getting together with colleagues after work as a cafe-bar space — please enjoy an experience unique to PRONTO at its cafe & bar (*).
(*) PRONTO Sakaba = "kissakaba (cafe & bar)" is a bar which provides the nostalgic, exciting space of a retro coffee shop, side dishes to snack on, and alcoholic beverages.

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Source: PRONTO Corporation Co., Ltd.

Source: PRONTO Corporation Co., Ltd.