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Nippon Express Europe Conducts Logistics Seminar for Erasmus University Rotterdam in Netherlands


Nippon Express Europe GmbH, a group company of NIPPON EXPRESS HOLDINGS, INC., held a seminar on logistics for around 140 students of Erasmus University’s Rotterdam School of Management on Friday, November 25, at a warehouse operated by Nippon Express (Nederland) B.V. (hereinafter “NX Nederland”) in Maasvlakte, Rotterdam.


Image1: Interior view of NX Nederland warehouse

Image2: Seminar in progress

Erasmus University Rotterdam is an educational institution with a worldwide reputation in the disciplines of medicine, business administration, economics, and international public management and policy. This seminar was conducted as part of the master’s program for students majoring in supply chain management at the Rotterdam School of Management to familiarize them with logistics operations in the field. A shipper company was invited to give a presentation on their warehouse operations and the Nippon Express Group’s position within the customer’s supply chain, after which the students toured the approximately 102,000 m2 warehouse facility. The students asked many questions and engaged in a lively exchange of opinions to see how the theory they had learned in lectures applied to actual operations.

The Nippon Express Group will continue actively engaging in social contribution activities around the world to help develop human resources who can play an active role in the logistics industry.

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