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NX India Conducts Tree-planting Activity as Part of Its Environmental and Social Contribution Efforts


Nippon Express (India) Private Limited (hereinafter "NX India"), a group company of NIPPON EXPRESS HOLDINGS, INC., conducted a tree-planting activity in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on Saturday, September 30.


Image1: Participants in tree-planting activity

Image2: Tree-planting activity

Recognizing its social and public missions as a logistics company, the NX Group actively communicates with local communities and engages in community-based social contribution activities.

NX India recently organized its first tree-planting activity as part of its environmental and social contribution efforts. A total of 27 NX India employees and volunteer students took part in this activity, planting saplings of various species that will be managed by an NGO engaged in environmental protection activities. This initiative reaffirmed the importance of environmental protection for the participants and heightened their awareness of social contribution activities.

The NX Group will continue fulfilling its social development responsibilities by connecting people, companies, and communities, and will actively work to preserve the global environment in order to realize sustainable societies.

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